The end is Here ?

This is an urgent call. I think the world would really come to an end because of the increase in natural disasters around the world. I think the world would certainly come to an end with a huge tsunami. Since the effects of global warming is here, within 5-10 years i am afraid to say that the world would certainly end. So do you think this is possible ?

Thats why me and a couple of my friends are thinking of making a safehouse or ship where we could be safe in case of a tidal wave or other natural disasters. The problem is that we do not have any clue of what we are doing.
i am thinking of making a anchored kinda ship which could acompany 5 people each. This ships would contain oxygen tanks with supply of about 2 years, food and safe drinking water wit seawater purifer, necesary tools and items, survival supplies and other necesary things. This ship should contain an onboard motor engine which could enable the ship to move in water.
This ship should atleast protect the passengers from a big tsunami. It would contain a 5 passenger seating with folding beds and solar panels which could also power the engine and equipments inside.

i really wanna build this because it's a fun project and could protect peoples lives who are poor and could not afford to go on a boat or are in low lying areas.

So what do you think?

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ilpug6 years ago
Or, you could just live on a mountain.

I'm really not meaning that as a rude remark, it is actually a practical solution.
Catsunami ilpug6 years ago
I agree. This might be the most sensible solution. Yes, there might be rain and it might get cold, but mountains will not get flooded and there will be places to hide. Just pack lots of warm clothes, food and learn how to make and sustain fire and shelter.
ilpug Catsunami6 years ago
There are various issue with it though, like the logistics involved in getting everyone onto every mountain, with sufficient supplies, and the fact that some mountains will have mud slides.
Catsunami ilpug6 years ago
Well there are logistical problems with getting everyone into boats or submarines as well. There are simply not enough resources to ensure that everyone makes it out alive in case of a natural disaster (which seems pretty evident even from "small" tsunamis, as compared to an end-of-the-world one).
It is obvious that everyone won't be saved, we just have to do our best to save who we can.

I live about 1km above sea level, so for me the real danger would be tornados, although we don't really ever get them (I think one small tornado touched down this summer). In any case, if I get reports of a super tornado heading my way, I will probably try to escape into the mountains.
Your long term plan is ambitious. As a Marine, History Teacher and Dad, I suggest you start with the basics:
  • 1st Aid Training - in an Emergency, YOU are your Doctor (and friends' and family's)
  • Learn to make fire without a lighter or matches
  • Find, filter and bring water to a boil (but no longer)
  • LEARN camping skills (plant ID+) and rules (put out your fire +)
  • Study History (battles and biographies) or repeat its mistakes
I suggest Martial Arts - mostly for the physical training and mental toughness aspect.  Military is also a good option - depending on your circumstances.

A little advise from a guy I met in College:  Study all possible situations.  IF you prepare for one style and are attacked by another style, you have no defense.  Remain open to all choices. <Yes, that's Bruce Lee - a genuinely nice guy - and me.>

REMEMBER - Enjoy the Best of Life but Prepare for the Worst!
I think the world will end soon 100 year range and I think that you are as good as dead with your idea.You=dead=heaven or hell.
bumpus7 years ago
I think you're paranoid.
Delusional, not paranoid.
arylic (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
Lol, come one yaar...i am just being nice.. 
your better of making a big blimp or plane that can float or somthing like that
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