The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only.

I have Win 7 and Excel 2007. When I try to open my .xls files I always get the same error message: The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only. I`m sure that all my files are on the C disk and they are not read only…just week ago I was able to open it. My friend adviced me to make a scan disk and check my computer for viruses, but it didn`t help in the issue. Can you give me some tips how could I solve this problem?

It happens
with ALL your excel files? cause it`s very strange that all your files are
suddenly corrupted at the same time. If not, the problem can be with MS office,
for example. Uninstall and reinstall Excel..also I recommend you do a back up
on flash drive.

If you will
be in the same situation after this..well..probably all your files are really
corrupted. It is not impossible. In this case you can restore your files with some
free tools. But often they aren't effective. More reliable is professional software, which
quickly repair damaged .XLS or .XLSX files. For instance, i can advise you Recovery Toolbox for Excel

More information you can get here:

https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/ and also download trial version. Maybe it will be helpful.

You can download the free Exel Viewer from Microsoft.

If it opens your files you know there is a problem with your Exel installation.

Can you copy the files to a different folder or a USB stick?

Am asking as sometimes you can issues with the user management in Windows.

If you can copy the files it is good, if you get a message in redards of insufficient rights to copy the file you at least know you need to fix Windows first.