The future of K'nex guns?

What is the future of K'nex guns?

It had literally been almost a year since I had been on this site, and when I came back, I was almost shocked to see that the best guns a year ago are still the best guns today.  There has been almost no improvements or innovations in the past year, and in many cases, the guns have gotten worse.  

I really don't want to sound mean but this is a problem.  The only ones that I have seen (and I haven't looked around too thoroughly yet, so correct me if I am wrong) that have created something notably innovative and new are TheDunkis (new ram concept and gun), Zak (swagboss), Knexguy (bullpup bolt action), and Jollex (repeating sling).  And of course there are a few promising new-comers such as Icetank and Ryry.  

I just want to encourage you all to at least try to think of something, put it down on paper, let others know, and even try to build it.  And even if there isn't something completely new you can come up with there are still so many things out there that need to be perfected such as pump actions, shotguns, repeating slings, horizontal (tube) mags, etc.  You can even try to combine some for an even more impressive gun.

Personally, I think the future of knex guns are in horizontal magazines, as they are very rarely used and there are so many unexplored uses they can be put to.  

Hopefully that inspired you to try something new, and if you don't agree with my point of view, prove me wrong!  Show me something that you've made that will amaze us.  I am simply trying to inspire a new year of knex guns.  

So, what do you think the future of knex guns is?

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rec0n7 years ago's an idea:
We all know that remove-able turrets are impractical. So use a belt that wraps around an auto winding gear. to reload, remove old belt, wind gear, and place new belt. This would be cool to see on the swagboss or tr.
Kinetic (author)  rec0n7 years ago
So the gear would be wound instead of the turret and you could keep adding ammo without actually having to wind the turret, just the gear? I would love to see a sketch or a prototype!
i have already built that idea however it isn't very practical yet
rec0n Kinetic7 years ago
Ok. First I'll use an Idea I have for A pump action war shotgun (combination of your idea and TD's idea), and then a full auto rbg. (controllable)
Sup bros...KK did that already, just make our chain for the turret but don't connect it into a circle. I don't remember how he mounted it. It wasn't really practical. Also, you hardly ever need more than 18 shots...
Nah, I don't mean it like that. What I mean is completely different, using the knex chain links.
Oh, ok. Enjoy your over-complicated gun then.
Kinetic (author)  GrandeSwag7 years ago
Why do you do that?
TheDunkis rec0n7 years ago
Or how about making another thinner turret similar to the one you're using but just make it big enough to have bullet locks. Then when the gun is empty, line up the second turret and viola speed loader.
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