The greatest website besides instructables!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so i found this hilarious site. at first it seems like a normal site, but once it loads, you'll see how awesome it is... Awesome site

Picture of The greatest website besides instructables!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kiteman9 years ago
[ Beat you!]
AnarchistAsian (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
*sobs* =(
Aww. Here, cuddling this will cheer you up.
What is that? A dead yak?

It looks like a very fluffy dead teddy bear. A yak looks like a long haired bison.

Didn't they show Star Trek in Topeka?
Tribbles are actually pieces of dead yaks. Paramount got a good deal after a stampede.
Ah hem...burn.
Would you like some Ice for that burn?
4 hours and not a word, he must be speachless Quick Everyone! treasure the moment where Kiteman got outsmarted
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