The halo needler, is it possible?

Is it possible?
The idea is very practical, a set of crystal-like needles that are somehow shredded into small projectiles which seem to be propelled by some form of energy or plasma or something. If thought through, I think it would be feasible.
Do we have enough energy to create even a rough prototype? Can we create a way to propel these projectiles witout an explosion but rather with, as I said before, plasma or an energy source?

Give me your thoughts...

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Ok now I am not claiming to be a qualified physics dude. However by observing physical actions and reactions and combining it with modern technology it is certainly possible. Though plasma isn't what I'm thinking about.
Firstly, the crystals could be a metallic object (they don't have to be crystal to work out), second the crystals would need to be aerodynamic in the sense that when the air catches the crystal formations it would slow down the speed of the crystals (actually, lets call them shards).
Next, we probably would be better off using Magnetism rather then a explosive charge. Much like a rail gun, Maybe?
And very last. We need the shards to be controllable. We can already do this with Missiles, such an effect could be applied here as well. The slowing down of the shards would allow the shards to position themselves better.
Another thing is that in the game, I notice that they speed up once they reach the objects perimeter. This could be achieved with a very small explosive battery.


There would obviously need to be a heck of an amount of engineering. It'd be cool to see a toy version of this made with either nerf, or rubber projectiles, it would be a proving point that this is possible.
vroom...vroom... (author)  dipseydoodle5 years ago
Some very good theories... But I was wondering, what if the needles where part of the initial locomotion. Like some kind of chemical reaction created by a man-made crystal of some sort. A good example would be baking soda and vinegar, exept at a more lethal level.
It would need to be a very controllable chemical, that's for sure. Another possibility is that it could be IC controlled (with a microscopic IC on each crystal).
vroom...vroom... (author)  dipseydoodle5 years ago
It could be a nitro glycerin infused petrolium or metalic based crystal. With some kind of compression chamber that sets off the highly unstable nitro glycerin and breaks the brittle crystal into shards that are also propelled by the NT...
ilpug5 years ago
The needles go too slow to be powered by any standard source of power. I was going to say air power, but the slow speed seems to kill that theory.
vroom...vroom... (author)  ilpug5 years ago
I would agree with you , exept plasma is not by any means a standard propellant. So who knows what you could do with that...