The making of a multi-staged coilgun

I want to make a coilgun with 2 or 4 stages; however, I don't have much experience with capacitors, magnetic fields, etc.. I am not really making it now, but its more of preparing the steps so when I do start, I will be able to complete it and be aware of problems that may occur.

1) when the coil is fed with electricity, what is stopping it from shooting right back at you?

2) how much voltage should the coils be using (aka what type of capacitor should I use)

3) I have heard that capacitors will sometimes have left over charge in them, how would I "dump" the excess.

4) Using multiple stages, should all the coils be turned on at once or in succession

5) should the wire coiling the tube be uninsulated?

Here is a diagram of my current understanding of a coilgun. Let me know if it is not correct.

Power Supply (battery) --> switch --> capacitor -->wire that wraps around the pipe, creating a magnetic field --> magnetic field pulls projectile into the tube and launches it.

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Kiteman4 years ago
1. It switches off quickly.

2. Whatever you like.

3. Short them out, maybe wire the poles together via a momentary push-switch.

4. In rapid succession.

5. Your coil wire should be insulated. Use "enamelled wire" or "magnet wire". Wire you extract from an electromagnetic device, such as a transformer, will be fine.

Brinith (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
2. how much voltage would make a significant difference in terms of speed.
3. so basically wiring up a second switch, not hooked up to the battery, to the capacitors?
4. How would I delay the current in order to do so?
Kiteman Brinith4 years ago
2. Have a look at projects already published here.
3. Yes.
4. See 2.
Brinith (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
4. so the capacitors would be sufficient to delay the current?
Kiteman Brinith4 years ago
No, they supply the current.

You will need some sort of switching curcuit to dump current through each coil in turn. Unfortunately, that is something I cannot help you with, whuch is why I suggested looking at what has already been published on the site.

Start with what hax gone before, then tweak and improve.

(Don't forget to take pictures as you go, then you can publish your own project as an instructable as well.)

Brinith (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I see, thanks. You helped me out a lot, now I hope that I can do this.
Kiteman Brinith4 years ago
In that case, you're welcome, and I'm sure you can.
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