The masked magician

I really like this television show. The masked magician show how to do great tricks and illusions. I even did some at school. Like levitating, walking on water, cutting someone in half and the wine and needle trick. Do you like it ? or what do you think ?

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Goodhart8 years ago
For those that like the shear "mystery" behind the tricks, many of which I already knew how to do,  he is a bit of a spoiler.. But then, one has ample opportunity to change the channel before too much is revealed; if they really don't want to know. 

For the magician,   magic is not magical in any way,  except for how audiences respond to it. 
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
Arthur C Clark

And yet, much of "magic" is not really all that techie in nature. Like in making the Statue of Liberty dissappear, it isn't hard to "move the camera" since it is setting on wheels.  

I can still do a few simple tricks with common objects like coins and stuff. but to get into "telling everyone that no one is in on the trick" when they ALL are, is going way to far in my book.  I couldn't do that.
He was probably thinking of GPS and mobiles etc.
(I read the quote again this week)

I know, I just trying to stay on subject  :-) 
On-topic or not?
I think so :-) 
Probably Britain's most famous illusionist of recent history, a very tidy (and fast) one:

Very nice.  And it is, as he says, just an illusion.  ;-) 
He was once a well-paid entertainer, but backed-up by Ali Bongo. Now old, Daniels was a major player in TV light entertainment, very good at what he knew best, but sliding into thing like this (notice the proliferation of "actors" in that clip).

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