"The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate"

"Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more skeptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens, a U.S. National Science Foundation-funded study has found."

See link here: http://www.kurzweilai.net/the-more-science-you-know-the-less-worried-you-are-about-climate

What do you believe?

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WilliamB33 years ago

I believe climate change is a reality, but I'm not so sure humanity is 100% responsible for causing it. Each time a volcano erupts, it spews an equivalent of many, many year's worth of human-caused air pollution. We can all be 100% clean and green with our energy generation/use, and a few big eruptions will still foul our air and cause the climate to change. That's just one example of a natural occurrence that can change our climate. There are others, as well.

The reason I don't fear climate change is I know we can use our current technology to provide our needs. We have multiple sources of clean energy we can switch to anytime we choose. If we have enough energy, most of our needs can be met. Our top needs are air, water, food, shelter, and energy. With enough energy, water can be desalinated and/or purified, water can be condensed from air and purified with dehumidifiers, air can be purified, food can be grown under grow lights, and shelter can be quickly erected using locally available resources---think earthbag construction or earthship houses. The last climate change occurred during the Dark Ages. People back then did not have access to anywhere near the energy we do today, and they suffered for it. Today, we do have access to energy and better technology, which can see us through the next climate change, should we choose to employ it.

Our biggest problem is lack of common knowledge about energy production, sustainable food production, and water conservation. Our second biggest problem is relying on corporations and the corrupted governments they own to provide for our needs. Corporations care only about profits. Governments care only about increasing authority over citizens. Neither will put the good of the people first.

We The People, of every country, are on our own when it comes to making changes toward sustainability.

By learning about our options, investing in those options in our own lives, then putting them to use in our lives, we can become more self sufficient and hence, more capable of thriving during hard times, or even good times. It should start with energy and food production. Start building or buying alternative energy systems as money and time allows, expanding/adding to them until they meet your energy needs. Start growing your own food now. It can be a traditional garden, container garden, or even microgreens for those living in apartments. Again, expand and add to the growing until it can meet your needs. (There was an article about a couple living in an apartment who managed to produce 300+ pounds of microgreens per month using a total of 60 square feet of space in their apartment. That's more than 10 pounds of food per day from that little bit of space, folks. No excuses. You now know it can be done.)

Climate change is no longer a matter of education or believe, it has become reality.
But althoug we can mostly blame ourself for the outcome there are some facts that seem to be forgotten when it comes to the topic.

Take the natural cycle, even without humans present we had our climate collapse a few times in the past.

A shift in the magnetic field is also happening and from what we learned about the past it always comes along with a climate change.

When we just focus on the changes we make through pollution and burning fossile fuels it comes to no surprise that those countries using the most are the most reluctant for change, namely the US and China, closely followed by Australia.
Claims like "The impact on the industry would be too great and costs too high" are quite common.

Sadly they don't reflect the concern, only the fact that noone like to invest money for nothing in return and when it comes to nature most companies simply think someone else can care about it.

I believe that your diagram presumes much that is not real except in propaganda.

The diagram isn't showing "facts", it's linking beliefs to political viewpoints.

(Without wishing to start an argument, I'd be interested to know which ones you think are "propaganda", though...)

JM1999 Kiteman3 years ago

It would definitely be interesting kiteman, +1

blkhawk5 years ago
It is like Hans Christian Andersen's story The Emperor's New Clothes, only uneducated people believe in climate change.
edvac5 years ago
I read part of the article. It refers to a study in the "Nature Climate Change" journal.
A subsidiary of the Macmillan publishing company. The only thing available regarding the actual study referred to in the "article" is a brief summary and a summary of the summary ( they call supplementary information) here:

its a pdf. The actual study is not available for free. To read it it will cost you 35 dollars, that is unless you have access to a university library.
The study summary does not specify the actual survey size of the people they "surveyed" to get their info. They just say "large". That brings into question the validity of the study. How many people did they survey, and where? Without that information their stats mean nothing, and the study does not carry any validity, period. End of story. For all we know, they could have done a survey of 50 or 100 people in their home state. That would be totally invalid. They also limited the age group. That is totally invalid if they are talking about people, in general.
Ok, so here we have the pot calling the kettle black. This article supposedly showing the fickleness of climate change "belief" , actually has the same shortcomings that all the "climate change deniers" point out in the climate change studies - vagueness, statistical errors, and assumptions, and data missing. How absurd can one get?

We all sit around and argue about what is causing the fire, while we watch it burn, "believing" we have no valid facts, even though we see it burning. . . the climate, that is.
FoolishSage5 years ago
Maybe the research shows that worry itself stems from ignorance. I dont believe "high literacy" people are more disbelievers of climate change (or consider it a less important issue) than people will "low literacy" but it seems plausible that people with scientific interests and activities can see what people are doing against climate change and are therefore less worried.
In my experience, we are aware of how little people are doing, and are more worried than the wider population.

I wonder if this is a US/UK difference?
mikey77 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago

Some scientists and the media have told you what you should fear.

Please provide the scientific evidence that the temperature today is not a reasonable temperature for the planet earth.

Please provide the scientific evidence that it is not part of the natural evolution of this planet to gradually become warmer as it absorbs more energy, from the sun and other sources, than it gives off
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