The new "face" of clocks.

Two men in their bedroom, with time on their hands...

Building clocks.

An elegant, simple new design of clock is being produced by two entrepreneurs in a bedroom.

The spiral face rotates, clockwise, every 12 hours, slowly winding a small ball up the coiled face.  At the twelfth hour, the ball drops into the centre of the face and back to the beginning.

The clock is an art piece, costing hundred of pounds, but I bet you could build your own version from off-the-shelf parts or a recycled clock.

After all, the prototype was knocked together from beer cans and gaffa tape...

BBC video article.

Aspiral website.

Advertising video:

Oddly philosophical video:

Picture of The new
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me wants one!
This is still my favorite.
travw8 years ago
I want one. That's quite possibly the coolest spiral-thingamabob ever.
Goodhart travw8 years ago
Ah you've never seen  The Time Tunnel   then   LOL 

travw Goodhart8 years ago
Oh, got some competition right thar. =)
Superficially similar to Stargate?
 Have some surrealism....


Maybe, but definitely LONG before the GATE  :-) 

Here's a little more of that episode 1.....if you wish, skip the first 3 minutes or so as it is in the other posted link......
bounty10128 years ago
Quite a beautiful clock, I would love one to hang above my computer, but I'm not sure I could afford it xD

The Jamalam8 years ago
Kiteman, you are making one of these in your shed and posting one. NOW.
 The Jamalam, you are making one of these in your shed and posting one.  NOW.
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