The new solution for airport security troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i saw this ad on ibles and guess what?
it's what i was talking about in my other forum about airport security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can get pre-screened to pass through the hassle we know as airport security!!!!!!!!
no more long lines!!!!!!!!
this very extremely wonderful thing

Picture of The new solution for airport security troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Derin9 years ago
planes still suck
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin9 years ago
And now as I post this comment,I am waiting for FSX to load ;)
Derin Derin8 years ago
I don't know if you quite understand how it works. You pay to be a member, and in exchange, they will do a background check, take your fingerprints and do a retina scan. This gives you the privileged of taking a separate security line at the airports, but a security line nonetheless. Everyone still goes through the metal detector, and your bags still pass through the x-ray machine.
like if taking your bios can prevent you from getting in with a bomb
Did you not read what I said? The only difference is you go through a different line. You still get the exact same amount of security scrutiny.
the most imporant scans are still done. but if the line is shorter it means that some other checks are skipped does bios check justify skipping other checks ? if yes than they are not required and not needed in any of the lines
No. The line is shorter because less people have access to it. You are submitted to the same checks, and often you go through the same station as everyone else, but get to skip in line.
then whats the point in bios checks ?
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