The proceeds of crime, now on ebay.

It has been legal for some time now for UK law enforcement agencies to confiscate "the proceeds of crime" - the stuff that crooks buy with their ill-gotten gains.

Not the stolen goods, but stuff legitimately bought with cash earned by illegitimate means.

Leicestershire police have gone a step further, and are trialling selling said goods on ebay.

Looking at their list, I'm not surprised to see heavy gold chains, TVs and game systems, but a flute?

Leicestershire police ebay list

BBC Story

Picture of The proceeds of crime, now on ebay.
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PKM8 years ago
flautist (1 definition)
flortist (0 definitions)

That said, the term "flutist" has a stronger etymological background and appears to be preferred in American English, this usage was probably for the rhyme and comedy.
How can you find the items that the police are selling?
There's a link to their ebay listing (actually a seller dedicated to the police) right in the article.
PKM8 years ago
So the "crooks" buy this stuff, with money, from shops, the police say "That doesn't belong to you" and take it off them, and then sell it on ebay?

Let's hope they spend their proceeds on a big poster bearing the definition of the word "irony". And maybe a training course in how not to intimidate innocent photographers.


"Ladies wouldn't pay you very much for this"
"Looks like you'll never be a concert flautist"
bounty10128 years ago
A flute...? People buy flutes of the blackmarket is the UK?
Kiteman (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Think of them as well-educated Rolexes... The point is, some crook earned money through crime (drug dealing, illegal gambling etc), and bought the flute. When the police proved the cash was dodgy, they took everything bought with it, and are selling it to off-set some costs.
Oh, Iunderstand. Thanks
lemonie8 years ago
Well, does your local force have any speed-boats for sale? (Formally hopping across to the Netherlands?) L
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