The "N-Word". The bad one!

Ok, I hear lots of name calling out there. Sometimes I even hear the N-Word. Not just one N-Word but multiple N-Words. So clue me in. Which is worse, a "noob", a "nerd", a "ninny" or a "numpty"? I just need to know how serious the name calling is. So give me the offensiveness levels of the previously mentioned N-Words on a scale from one to ten (with ten as the most offensive).

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DJ Radio8 years ago
None of the n words you mentioned are the worst. The worst word that starts with an n is Ni****. it is a racist word against blacks.
In your opinion, it's the worst.
its the worst because its racist. You can lose noob status. You can lose ninny status. You can lose nerd stats. numpty is just a brit thing. you cant change your race though.
Michael Jackson?
skunkbait (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
DJ was talking race, not gender!
He went from a black man (very cool) to a white woman (not cool)..
Yes, because black men have the right to say /\/1663/3 to each other. Isn't that right? I bet that, on certain forums, in the sign-up process it asks that you specify your race and if you are white, it sensors the 'N-word' when you use it, but if you are black it doesn't. Would anybody like to challenge that?
I'm sorry; just some ill-timed/placed randomness.
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