EDITED: "Odd things" people buy......recent "acquisition"

Recently I "acquired" a ClearVue device (pictures are mine) which claims to use the AC mains wiring of a house as an antenna to increase reception. What a bunch of malarkey.
Oh, I am not saying it doesn't "amplify" the signal using power from the socket is gets plugged into, but that it is ONLY a signal filter.
People I have seen that had one of these, bought it with the dreams of using the AC lines in their houses as an additional antenna, AND because it had, what appears to the untrained eye, a dish antenna on the front of it (it is just a piece of plastic adding no true value to the functionality of the device).

Some people in marketing make me furious with how they attempt to dupe the public. *sigh*

A forum was set up for people that had bought this device new, and some of the responses are scathing....

I order the clearvue super booster indor tv antenna, in April 2002. They cashed my check of course but Never sent the product. I called the companyand the office is closed.

go HERE for more responses.....

The unit, I just noticed, has 2 black wires in it. The oddest thing I have every seen, really. One is hooked to a 5.7 meg resistor, the other end is soldered to the "cable" output. The second black wire is soldered to the AC / CAB switch (CAB side), which then runs to the 2 white wires coming in from the Mains plug - BUT it is not attached to them, but rather coils around them for about 2-3 inches. This wire terminates into the AIR. No connection whatsoever on that ends.

And, coming soon to a thread near you, will be the second "antenna booster box" I got in this box lot - dissected.

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Speaking of odd things people buy, have a look at what I recently bought:
Goodhart (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Is that a shark ?
Yep, floating in a jar of preservatives. I bought it at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. I'm planning to replace the cheap foam base with a nice wooden one, given I can remove the base without spilling the contents. :P
Turn it upside down, just in case it isn't sealed. But I bet it is.
I want to go to that store sometime! Sometime when we're in Seattle I will...
Goodhart (author)  Sunbanks9 years ago
I have just signed up for both ye old curiosity shop ONLINE and also Road Side America :-)
Cool! Ye Old Curiosity Shop is my absolute favorite store. So many neat things to look at.
Last night I had a dream I asked my dad if we could go there and he said yeah because he had tickets to a baseball game. I hate when I have dreams about something awesome that I really want or want to go do.
Goodhart (author)  Sunbanks9 years ago
Yes, I know exactly what you mean *sigh*
Goodhart (author)  Sunbanks9 years ago
Well, I thought the links would be the next best thing :-)
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