The scariest question...

I've just seen a genuinely worrying question - "How to be a Goth Lolita"

That question causes some genuinely disturbing images...

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Hymn5 years ago
Yes, well, I am a Lolita and I think you're all looking at our lifestyle a bit too deeply.
Frankly, I resent the generalization that we are all 'over-sexed little girls', that we are somehow 'vampires', have mental issues or are overtly creepy. The truth is that we all share a love of Victorian fashion, frills, and dressing up.

Despite what you see on the outside, we're just like anyone else.

Actually, I find it comical that the masses have suddenly identified us as a 'people' worth stereotyping. Then again, I suppose the 'normals' will always find a reason to discriminate, even if it's only a difference of fashion sense.
Kiteman (author)  Hymn5 years ago
If you object to the generalisation, you obviously do not know where the title you claim for yourself actually came from.  By definition, "a Lolita" is an over-sexualised young girl.
Hymn Kiteman5 years ago
Your statement is true, assuming you incorrectly pulled your definition from a reference to the 1950's Russian novel, "Lolita".

We are talking about the Japanese fashion, are we not? You know, the subculture that came about because of a love of the Victorian and Rococo Era?

The name 'Lolita' was not given to us as a reference to the book. It's actually a wasei-eigo (or deriving from the female given name), 'Lolita' relating back to Japan's relations to Portugal. Early Japanese Lolitas thought it the name meant 'cute' in Portuguese and therefore adopted the name.

There are plenty of people who wish we were more like the Lolita of the famous novel, but those people can get a therapist.

Hymn Hymn5 years ago
Hold on a moment, you're comment appears to have a link.
I must have missed it. Let's see, it appears to be a link too ....

Ah, I see. Well, that about sums up how much most people actually know about the origins of Japanese fashion. Particularly Lolita.
Kiteman (author)  Hymn5 years ago
If you don't like being subject to the assumptions that go along with the title, don't use the title.

Call yourself "Gothic Rococo" instead, or, "Oriental Steampunk", anything that more accurately reflects the style you express.

But as long as you use the term "Lolita" in the English-speaking parts of the world, you will be burdened with all the associations as well.
Hymn Kiteman5 years ago
Understood. Unfortunately I did not create 'Lolita', so I do not get to rename it. Also, the English-speaking world did not come up with the fashion - a very important point since Japanese pop culture titled the style without considering the book.

Also, let's be honest, even if 'Lolita' was called something else, people would still look at us and attempt to tie our fashion and way of life with something negative.

Even people who live life as a genteel Steampunk follower are stereotyped as 'weird', 'mad', "snobbish" or 'creepy'. Unfortunately, in the case of the Lolita, we have a book, which has nothing to do with us, that bears the same name as our style. It's really too bad.

The terms 'Oriental Steampunk' and 'Gothic Rococo' do exist, but the only apply to steampunk and rococo followers. That's not to say we don't have similar subdivision to our style. They're called Wa-Lolita, Punk-Lolita, Goth-Lolita and Sweet-Lolita. No one cared to come up with a different name. Path of least resistance and all that.
monsterlego6 years ago
Easy, wear dark clothes, bite peoples necks. (very disturbing)
Nope. Not even close. You kids really need to learn how to research a topic.
if you research everything you answer on your brain will fill up to fast....JKS
I think that depends on how big your brain is....
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