The somewhat long awaited knex gun: The L96

This is the L96, basically KILLERK's magnum on steroids. I have not tested range yet, because the trigger system still has a few kinks in it. Below are some pictures, most are my knex gun, but one is of the real steel AI AE, the same as an L96, but shorter and cheaper. Can you guess which one is of the actual AE? Correct! It is the second one!!! Some features of this gun are the cheek rest, and the real scope that you can mount to the gun. It also has a removable bi-pod. The gun weighs exactly 60oz (3 and 3/4 lb, if you are not a math wiz) without the scope, but with the bi-pod. Another feature is that all of the moving parts are in the front (except for the trigger, but that is on the outside so it doesn't matter), so you can design different bodies, if you don't have enough pieces. Also, the body doesn't have to be solid, it can be hollow to reduce weight or piece count. I got the picture of the Accuracy International AE from here, and the picture of the M24 from here (yes, it is in Ð оссия).

UPDATE- I added some things to the message body


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MI69 years ago
Nice photography i appreciate a carefully taken photo .Post i say it again.
Whaleman (author)  MI69 years ago
Thanks, and there is already an instructable up! : )
WOOOOOW WEEEE!!!!!! Great!!! That looks brilliant!! What do you think of my new rifle? It is the first true bolt action (I think). (Butt is bad because of lack of pieces)
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\James Photos\knex\2007-08-28-1114-14\DSCF0313.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\James Photos\knex\2007-08-28-1114-14\DSCF0308.JPG
Ive been working on a real serious lifelike bolt action for 3 months ! You have to post it or i will send MY soe operatives to your house (Note my name MI6)
can use the idea of that for my bolt action gun?
Post that bolt action rifle please it looks pretty good, I tried to make one but it failed
when will it be posted? before or after the rocket launcher and pistol?
ermm... after my, 6 pieces of english c/w, 2 pieces of history c/w, citizenship c/w, DT c/w, art c/w, the pistol, rocket launcher and mac 10. :P ahhhh
yeah === ahhhhhhhhh ===
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