The storm 222 V1.0

I have a new mechanism for a knex gun, and hopefully a new storm 220. It can switch between semi auto and full auto and is chain driven. I won't give away the mechanism in case anyone beats me to it, but is there anything you guys could suggest I could add to it? edit: It is now posted with full instructions

Picture of The storm 222 V1.0
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The Jamalam (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder9 years ago
still not finished, i'm acc working on it now!
itz summer now
The Jamalam (author)  therandomperson9 years ago
i have instructions for my grenade launcher thing
The Jamalam (author)  therandomperson9 years ago
i know, tis gd
ta if u mean ur gun then you have a point :D
The Jamalam (author)  therandomperson9 years ago
i know, i cant take pics, i missed out four
Check out my new grenade launcher!
The Jamalam (author)  therandomperson9 years ago
where is it? it isn't under your homepage yet.
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