The ultimate combination of woodworking, music, and ingenuity

This was sent to me and I thought it was well worth sharing. An impressive project. 


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onrust4 years ago
Gee, we only get good commercials like this during the Superbowl........Only football I watch!
erichoward6 years ago
This is really interesting! I like it!
CrLz6 years ago
Beautiful, thanks for sharing the vid.

Would love to create something similar...
rosec6 years ago
First time! Truly impressed! My family can't appreciate the skill, effort, and sheer man hours used to create this simple but awe inspiring rendition. Bach would have been pleased.
Goodhart6 years ago
Ah very nice and they used MY fav type of music too :-)
iceng6 years ago
I saw this once before and raved about it to my family who were unimpressed :-(
Nice to see it again :-)
Hope more people besides Vyger and I enjoy this woody tune.

Vyger (author)  iceng6 years ago
They did some pretty impressive work. Most people don't realize how difficult it would be to tune each piece of wood to get just the right note. And then to get and keep the slope at just the right angle to keep the tempo going, that to is impressive. I wonder how many man hours were involved and how many trial runs they needed to get it right. This was not a simple project. And as a commercial, I think it ranks up there with the Superbowl ones. Almost no spoken words and yet the message is perfectly clear.
iceng Vyger6 years ago