The ultimate knex gun

This is a competition for the ultimate knex gun, with a difference - you vote for the best parts of any knex gun on the site, and i mod them a bit and put them together! voting ends december 31st and i will post a picture on january 1st! Class 1:handle Class 2:stock Class 3:barrel Class 4:Hand grip Class 5: sight Happy voting! :D

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builder9689 years ago
the best weapon would be a semi auto gun that has the same amount of power as the dd-27.
which is impossible at the moment
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
its not impossible, we just have no ideas
right now, the most powerful semi-auto is oodalumps's semi rifle, but it doesnt have a realistic trigger (its on the side of the gun)
just putting out a suggestion. (DSman195276...Oddalumps...)
so cweut
Wafflicious8 years ago
stock for dsman's crossbow
if any 1 could look at my sideshow i put some time into making my own sniper and was interested in seeing if its worth posting?
mrbox9 years ago
HMm darn Iac beat me.. i dont have a better one but hey i found something so cool that we could make out of knex... at least attempt to make out of knex...

Its pretty darn cool!
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