The uploader is killing me!

Both the old and new uploader was working great for me a while ago.

Until recently, the old uploader dose now work for me anymore and the new uploader starts posting tiny pictures.

Now every time I try use the new uploader, firefox crashes, and the old uploader looks different, but still does not work!

I am trying to use flicker to bypass instructables's uploaders, but I am finding impossible to use! :-(

I cannot post any instructables without picture and I have two project ideas for the LED contest, what can I do? Please help me...

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I'm having a similar problem. Running OSX (also tried it in XP and no dice) and I've tried with Firefox and Safari. I've been trying to add images to an 'ible, but when I do it adds other images, not what I've selected to add. Any ideas?
Plasmana (author)  shesparticular7 years ago
I think I have found a way around it, what I do is upload one picture one at a time, then reload page. And keep going until you got all of the pictures you want to upload loaded. For me, it only worked on Safari, Firefox does not work.
The strangest part is actually that when something does upload (because images are actually uploading), it's not the image that I select, it's some other image from another 'ible that I uploaded previously. . .very weird.
That happens to me too.
Derin7 years ago
Plasmana (author)  Derin7 years ago
Failed. The heat from plasma is extreme, far more than enough to melt metal. :-)
Derin Plasmana7 years ago
But it took place in the world of Phun where nothing melts.
You could try using a diferent browser until you get a better response...
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
What other browser can I use? I used firefox (just crashes) and safari (shows some really weird errors), they both don't work for the uploader.
awang8 Plasmana7 years ago
Internet Explorer? Yeah, I know that most people hate it, and Mac users hate it even more, but honestly, for a basic browser for general Instructable stuff, it works like a dream. You can get IE for PCs and Macs (I think). Our school pretty much depends on Mac, and depends on IE.
Well, I was going to say you could use Internet Explorer, But you use Mac (Duh). A person I know that uses Mac calls Windows "The Dark Side" :-P
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
LOL yeah! That is so true! :-) Because most PC's are black while most mac's are silver or white!

But yeah, I do need a PC so I can do a lot more... :-(
So you're going to the dark side? Cool. She'll be annoyed to hear that... I wonder if I will have the paitence to make youre shocker, because I don't think it's a very good idea to carry a charged capacitor to school...
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
No, but I am leaving from the light side to 'neutral', lol. I want to have macs and PC's. The main reason need a PC so I can get into programming and stuff.

Charged capacitor in school = bad idea, lol
If you don't have enough paitence to make a shocker, you can have a go at xkred27's shocker. :-)
Macs arent so good if ya ask me..(sorry,even though if I am your biggest fan,i must disagree)..Windows is good because its faster and easier to operate, Macs cost waay too much money but they are slow as hell. WINDOWS Computers Pros: *Fast |Cons: *Laptop battery lasts only 2-4 hours *Easy to operate | *Laptops weight a lot more then MAC *Cheap and Affordable | *Computers weighs more than MAC *Bill Gates is a Billionaire and donates money to charity *Free Microsoft softwares from Microsoft.com Macintosh Computers Pros: *Computers have built in Wireless | Cons: *Slow sometimes *Good graphics for gaming | *Has problems sometimes *Lightweight design | *Lightweight laptops break easily | *Hard to operate *Laptops have battery life of 4-6 hours
Plasmana (author)  joinaqd7 years ago
Here is the main differents between PC's and macs.
  • PC's are the best for calculations.
  • Macs are the best for graphics.
And I agree with you, macs are expensive and quite difficult to use for new time mac users.

Also, lets not get into this "PC vs mac war", its stupid, everyone is different and has a computer that suits their needs.
I knew you would have a good explanation.

Hey where does Saerox and Linux come into it?

Whoops Saerox isn't done yet :-P
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
Alright, the I will include those two... (I might be wrong, to not take my comment seriously.)

Here is the main differents between PC's, macs, Linux, Saerox.

  • PC's are the best for calculations.
  • Macs are the best for graphics.
  • Linux are the best for programming.
  • Saerox are the best for pleasure.
Why I say Saerox are the best for pleasure? Because Saerox is a Customizable system, super easy to use, and don't seem to 'be the best at' something specific.
Are you in on this Saerox thing? What exactly is it at the moment, in real terms? L
Mind me asking what you want to know about? (Hardware or software?) I can tell you how the hardware side of things is going, but I don't know much about the software side...
Well anything really. The website checks makes present-tense claims which I doubt will materialise in the future. So I'm interested as to what people have actually developed so far. The hardware is supposed to be original and better than anything else available at the moment isn't it?

Well, I'm guessing we can't really get the hardware better than everything else on the market because everything is changing all the time, but there will be some features that seperate the Saerox computers from the rest. Most of the things going on with the hardware side of things is just figuring out which parts are compatible with the other parts. We are making steady progress...
Keep us updated, I'm sure this will be worth sharing when you've got something new together. But as you say, with everything is changing all the time which parts are compatible with the other parts only lasts for 6 months / a year... L
Hope you don't mind me asking, but what features would you want in a computer?
Well there's a good question. I'm of the opinion that if a process goes bad the system should be able to handle it. Meaning you don't get hour-glassed, you don't get stupid messages telling you something you know is "buggered" "isn't responding" - kill and kill quick.
Basic functionality is what everyone wants, you want to search for something you do not want to be looking at a stupid animation, you want a filter on .gif .txt, not some stupid "music, videos, pictures, pretty-things"

Hardcore functionality, not kiddie's Fisher-Price functionality. Of course that's only part of your market. other people do want big colourful Fisher-Price interfaces....

Thanks Lemonie. It's really useful to get others' opinions. We will try to incorporate that into the software side of things
You know what people hate about computers, if it doesn't fall under the umbrella of "Microsoft" it's general bad function like Java plug-ins, but you have to recognize that there is a market for people that understand computers and another for the point-and-clickers who don't. If you can balance the two you may be onto something... L
Yeah, geting in the point-and-clickers market is going to be a bigger challenge than getting into the computer litterate people market...
Yep, I will. I think we should probably start actually making the motherboards now, to get some knowledge of what works better with what and so we can try to keep "up to date" with things...
Maybe not now, but in the near future :-)
Plasmana (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Idk much about Saerox all I know it is going to come out in 2011 and it is being made by a grope of 7 people.
Don't you mean 2015?
"grope" LOL! (thanks) L
I'm pretty amazed that you actually tried to say something about Linux and Saerox. You probably shouldn't make assumptions about something that people only know by the website though.

But that's nice anyway, the MoBo will hopefully have 12 USB ports and a assortment of PCI-E slots, but that's all I'm going to say
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
What is MoBo and it will have 12 USB ports?!? You really don't need that many ports, lol.
Well, some of them will be used for internal parts, but some people do need that many USB ports... MoBo stands for motherboard
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
Ahh, thanks. And really, 12 ports it too many to me... -_-
Lol, better to be safe then sorry, I doubt I would need 12 ports either, but when I get a lot of external peripherals, I might need them..
The "Windows" laptops only have a smaller battery capacity because the actual laptop isn't made by Microsoft. Macs are harder to operate because you don't know how to operate them! You just need practise. I'll say more after Plas has a go, I have to go to school now.
lol you got to "practise" how to spell the word P R A C T I C E!
And you have to practice how to use punctuation!
Yeah, I know lol
Oh, the neutral side What about a 80uF 330v? Yeah, I forgot you can make a PCB for it!
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
Did that make you fell better? :-) Yes. lol.
Yeah, A tad bit :-P Thanks lol..
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
lol, no problem! :-)
:-) Instead of me unsoldering all the parts on the camera charger, couldn't I just unsolder the cap and put the output there?
Yep that works, the only problem is that when I try to hold onto the output wires (i'm using magnet wire) is must have a break in the enamel so I zap myself every time I hold onto the wire :-P
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
lol, use insulated wire instead. :-)
Magnet wire is "insulated", Just not that good...
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
Magnet wire is more like "painted" wire to me, lol. Also, don't bend the magnet wire too much, that breaks up the insulation.
Lol, Yeah, I figured bending it does break up the insulation, but it's only happened in about two places along the wire.... Thanks for the "heads up" anyway lol.
Plasmana (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
lol :-)
the shocker is so easy, "a caveman can do it".. i built it within 15 minutes(my first try) On the second try i built it within 5 minutes. (shocked my sister and got grounded by parents lol)
Yeah, I know, but I just don't have thepatience sometimes, so I just unsoldered the cap and the flash tube...
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Since no one else is reporting this, my guess is that the problem is on your end. What has changed on your system since things worked right? Try uninstalling any apps you have installed since then.
I reported something similar with the new uploader a while ago.
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
(Also, moved to Feedback:Bugs)
Plasmana (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Nobody really looks there, that is why I post it here, to get more infro. Muahaha!!
Plasmana (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Well, on my mac computer, I had it's harddrive defragged... Could that cause problems?
defraging is safe, unless you shut your mac off right in the middle of a defrag
Plasmana (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
No, I let my computer do what it needs to do.
Doctor What7 years ago
I've been having uploader problems as well, but I figured someone already noticed. Whenever I try to upload an image, 3/4 of the time it won't upload. When I tried to upload photos for my latest project, it took almost a half hour to load all the pictures up, mostly because only a few of them would load at a time. I tried to use the flickr approach, but that failed as well!
Plasmana (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
The old uploader seems to be working again for safari, but is is very unstable, and i have to restart the browser when the uploader goes all funny...
Good. I'll have to upload some images later to test it again for myself.
-henry-7 years ago
You can try to update your flash player at http://adobe.com/go/getflashplayer/ or you could try a different browser. I recall that you have a mac, so try http://caminobrowser.org/

or you could always switch to a PC, that better web browsers (Google Chrome) and other stuff, except for a few mac features like Photo booth.
Chromatica7 years ago
see if the newest browser Google Chrome will work