The use of copyrighted music in Videos

Quick question; what are the rules regarding the use of music in videos posted on Instructables (or on YouTube, through Instructables)? I ask because I'd like to post sound clips and some may contain copyrighted music. Is there a 30 second rule or something? Do I just have to give credit?

Chicken22098 years ago
freaky i was wondering about this earlier
denanderen8 years ago
i don't know wether you should worry to much about this. after all, if every copyright infringement would be punished, youtube or allmost every web 2.0 based website would have a lot less (or even no) content. also, this is an international site and copyright laws can vary dependig on what country you live. i doubt everyone on this site knows all of the copyright laws of the US. i say just go ahead and see what haapens.
Kiteman8 years ago
There's a summary of the relevant law on Wikipedia.

If you're just using the music as a soundtrack, I'd say the answer is "no, you can't use it". If the video images somehow add to the artistic content of the music (yes, that's vague), then the answer is "go ahead".

If you were critiquing the music, or comparing it with another piece as an academic exercise, then you're OK with using short clips.

Google for copyright free music and then check the terms of use of the sites you find.