The what-I-got-for-Xmas thread

Hand knitted jumper, in special container ;-)

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Kiteman4 years ago

Beer, of several varieties.
Birding Year Book.
The new version of War if the Worlds on CD.
A Nottshack bat-listener kit.

lemonie Kiteman4 years ago
How is The new version of War if the Worlds on CD, different from the original?

Kiteman lemonie4 years ago
It's longer (2 discs), and a mix of familiar and new touches.

(Just listened to it in the car, driving back South after Christmas).
lemonie Kiteman4 years ago
I just got back up North, £83.70 on the train, but cheaper than a taxi I suppose.

Apparently the Stage Show of WoW is good.

Kiteman lemonie4 years ago
I'd have to go to Germany to catch it...
lizzyastro4 years ago
A tagine (to be used tonight)
quilt book & knitting book
1/2 share in a bottle of special whisky
new noise cancelling headphones (wonder if they cancel out noisy children?)
other good stuff
iceng4 years ago
A bottle of tequila brandy from Mexico and many kisses

lemonie4 years ago
I got a nice weekend with some friends, and not much else, so I'm happy (even though someone died, a dog died, a car was wrote-off and someone is in hospital with 4-letter fractures...)