The world stops outside of a subset of English speaking countries?

Before you got taken over, there used to be a token amounts of competitions that were opened to the whole world, now it's all restricted to "US, CANADA (excluding Quebec), UK and AUSTRALIA" (and somtimes Holland).

I'm a Brit. I live in Europe, Do I really have to fake my address at my aunt's place outside of London to be able to enter?

Why the about face?

Also, a side note, where did the option to edit your own comments go?

Unhappily yours,

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We've also opened them to Belgium, China and Netherlands. We're working constantly to open them to more and more countries.

Please read through the forum topic linked below to better understand why we had to do this and what we're doing to expand international contests - we really do want everyone to be able to participate!

Also, I don't ever remember being able to edit my posts. So I dunno. 
bpfh (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
Sorry I tried to answer your message this weekend , but there were problems saving the comments. Lets try again!!

Regarding editing comments, I was certain that the option existed at one point. My brain must be going.

As for rules and regs, there have been several contests that I wanted to enter, but as the rules & regs generally forbid them, I never bothered. I would have thought that legally, it would be the laws of the organizing country and not the laws of the participant that would count.... Anyway, if you have Belguim and Holland on board, it should not be too difficult to add France some day!

One think that makes it slightly easier is that all the English speaking countries wound up with legal systems based on English common law - and that holds that things you win FROM GAMES OF PURE SKILL are not considered to be gambling restricted by law.

You'll see signs to that effect in an English pub - its one of the statutory notices that are displayed in tiny writing on the wall at the back of the bar, so make sure you are carrying binoculars.

So verifying the legal status of competitions is a LOT easier for Anglophones.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
I guess they have been violating the laws of the known universe before and are in the process of sorting it out.  In the mean time, you'll have to play in the gray area.  Welcome to Instructables, please have your passport ready.
bpfh (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
LOL I've got (legal) papers from half of europe. Which one do you want to see?
Kiteman5 years ago
"I'm a Brit. I live in Europe..."

So, Britain isn't part of Europe? ;-)

To your main points, several parts of Europe are eligible to win contests (even Wales), but if you aren't in one of those parts, then, yes, I'm afraid you'll have to use your aunt's address.

Oh, and I've been here six and a half years, and I've never been able to edit comments. It is possible, though, to edit forum topics you post, so maybe you're thinking of that?
I don't see where you got that. :P
It's an on-going saga.

Britain may be legally and geographically part of Europe, but culturally and spiritually, a 22 mile stretch of seawater might as well be an ocean.

(Especially with the Euro currency zone coming apart at the seams right now.)
Ah, I see.
bpfh (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Actually I live and work in France ;)

As you mentionned. Is England really in Europe ? ;-)
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