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Alright I'm not saying I'm special enough that I should have my own little personal thread dedicated to what I do but...I'm lazy enough that I should have my own little personal thread dedicated to what I do. Why? Simply that. I'm lazy. I don't feel like making a thread/slide show for any new gun I make but I don't want to post it in some other random place. I also don't want to go around asking for ideas whenever I'm stuck. So to put it simple I'm going to display whatever current projects I have here and I'll also take requests. ~Current Project~ FKG (Folding K'nex Gun- Yes very original...) Alright I saw SK's FMG and I wanted to try one out myself. It didn't end up as pretty or as functional as SK's but it is compact and in a very early stage of design. I'm not sure what to do with it because it's at the point where I'll have to completely butcher it to improve it and then that would require whole new ideas on getting the parts that do work to keep working. So as said the only real big difference here is that it's more compact than SK's. Some other differences are -Held in place by a "grip" rather than a "bolt" -At the moment not rubber band loaded -Simpler trigger -Double hinge thingy for the stock to gun connection. So instead of a fixed pivot swing, two different areas rotate to move the stock from the very bottom to just behind the gun. Otherwise it was to fire dark greys with greens as well with a hopper but right now it doesn't work so well. I think the barrel has some friction in it from the way I set it up. I could loosen it up but I'm just going to redesign the gun anways. Should I continue? Or shall I try making a bolt action gun similar to Zak's (but different enough)? Or I'll try something completely new.

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heat-seeker8 years ago
Well think to should go to the Mp7 you were talking about
TheDunkis (author)  heat-seeker8 years ago
I might. I was just thinking about making a true bolt action l96. I just haven't made a power weapon yet. The closest thing to is my oodassault pistol and its purpose was as a side arm. I need something that I could call my primary weapon in a way.
please there is not a single mp7 and they are so awsome
I made one
ya the ump
if you make an l96 your free to use my l96 stock its pretty reallistic
Lol, true but still harsh.
Hmm, I was thinking of that too, but I would make mine breech-loading with an internal mag rather than a 'proper' mag.
Heh, I wanna remake mine, wanna help me to help you??
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