Theme song of OBAMA!

Help me think of lyrics to make Obama's theme song....

I'll convert those replubicans!

Obama how I love thee

Picture of Theme song of  OBAMA!
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Owenmon8 years ago
time to make a bush theme song >:-D
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
One step ahead of you : )

gah! there's no BASS!
xACIDITYx9 years ago

Do you actually believe this?
Does it matter?
Yes, it does, because that is highly offensive and completely wrong. :)
. This obsession, nay, fetish, that you have for facts and The Truth is starting to get annoying. . A (wo)man's character is shown as much by the enemies he has as by his friends. Judging by the enemies he has, I'd have to say Obama is a pretty good fellow. I'm not too impressed with his politics, but he seems like a decent, honorable person.
but he seems like a decent, honorable person.

He isn't right for the white house.
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