There is a Major Timeline Error in the Halo Wars Promo Poster

In the poster for the new game Halo Wars, try to find the mistake. I'll give you a hint: look at their guns. As many people know from reading the Halo series of books and the video games, that before the battle rifle is introduced, all but one Spartan are wiped out on Reach, or trapped inside of Onyx. You, as Master Chief, are introduced to the BR55HB SR Battle Rifle in Halo 2. The Spartans were all wiped out before Halo 1, well before the Battle Rifle is even conceived by its makers. What gives? Why would they make such a serious (to me) mistake on a widely distributed promotional product?

Picture of There is a Major Timeline Error in the Halo Wars Promo Poster
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joshualater7 years ago
Yeah, Reach is the unsc gear testing ground, thats why all the cool stuff is in reach, and not even reach had anything like a hornet, they had blades. Also with energy shields, they weren't widespread yet, they were still in testing on reach the reason all this stuff is in a lot of this stuff is in halo one that was not any where else was because the chief got outfitted with the best of the best in experimental gear.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Who cares? Removing weapons from the game just stinks.
Mandudehey8 years ago
my bad bro, i thought you where talking about RE5. but yeah im tryin to sell halo wars...
Chicken22098 years ago
you have an assault riffle in halo 1...
Mandudehey8 years ago
Correct, they aren't on Halo Wars its self either...has anyone else found that after beating Halo Wars it wasn't so fun anymore? One more thing Hornets..weren't introduced until Halo why can you get them in Halo Wars
ILIKEPIE333 (author)  Mandudehey8 years ago
its not really fun when you start either...
im glad u notrced this becase im confused about thsi too but u shuold read som of teh books espeshially contact harvest
dnt tlak liek dis, talk like a civillised human being please.
stale568 years ago
bungie fail
woody5438 years ago
Sorry forgot a bit more info, one of the main annoyances for me in the game is the fact that the spartans have energy shields, which were stolen technology from the elites, and didnt get developed untill slightly before halo CE
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