Thermal Cooling and Heating

It is very possible and it is in use today by using Thermal Cooling and Heating from the earth. Performed by using a 6" well at least 100' deep, with thermal tubing inserted into the well carrying the liquid <water> to be cooled/heated.
Process is done by a circulating pump in the interior unit - through the coil - sending back through the well system and returning. It starts out from the main unit circ pump.......through the coils.......out to the "down tube" into the 6" well pipe, a sharp 180* turn back up the system returning to the circ pump.
Such a system is used by many facilities to Air Condition or heat rooms of about 15' x 15' or so. I have even seen a system that utilized creek water as the "cooler" of the tubing on a circ pump system. That one really was cool, about 52 degrees.
Have you heard of these systems or seen something like it or close?

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Vyger7 years ago
This might be something along the line of what you are asking about.
beehard447 years ago
yeah, i went into a building and apparently, the building basement had tubes coiled on the outside part of the foundations which cooled the building down (they ended up using air conditioners though)
spa31rky (author) 7 years ago
Thermal Cooling and heating has been around for many years. The process is very simple and requires little energy.......a circulating pump and a fan. Kind of like when you have a water well and after a few seconds you get cold water from it. This could range from 50 degrees up to 70 degrees depending on the time of the year it is. So when heating, thermal will be that of the earth at approximately 100 feet down. So when you require warmth, it will be in the form of thermal at about 65 to 70 degrees, still depending on the location that it is in and the conditions of the weather for that time. Or you could just lay your garden hose out in the sun and get from 75 degrees to 120 degrees hot water. If we reconsider what our forefathers had done instead of always trying to be so technical than all of us could reduce our energy cost.
lemonie7 years ago

I'm not sure what you're saying.
Are you after answers, a discussion, or telling us how?

spa31rky (author)  lemonie7 years ago
The question was at the end............ Have you heard of these systems or seen something like it or close?

The answer is yes, but you seem to know more about these systems than I do.

spa31rky (author) 7 years ago
No kidding either! Way back when......long before our Great grand fathers.......ideas were everywhere about to to do something to better life and they didn't have OUR technology. Imagine what we can do with it now!?