Thermite Destruction of Hard Drive

There are many ways to get rid of the data on a hard drive, but igniting thermite on top of it is probably the most extreme and ridiculously secure.

Here, the thermite is set in a clay pot over a computer case and ignited from below to demonstrate a method where you'd want to destroy everything... right away! You know, because you're a super-spy and stuff and the other guys could break in at any time while you're surfing the web.

Thermite hard drive destruction
via Gizmodo

Picture of Thermite Destruction of Hard Drive
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REA8 years ago
hmm... this would be good if the FBI come around.
purduecer8 years ago
This is a good instructable, and a fun video to watch, but I find myself needing to ask: With none of the source material generated by Fungus, how is this not stealing? Thanks, Purduecer
This isn't an instructable, this is a forum topic. We talk about the video, site, or random theme or thought. The source is right under the video. It says: Thermite hard drive destruction via Gizmodo This means that this was originally found on Gizmodo, and is now being talked about here. In no way is it stealing.
ah, pardon me, I somehow missed that it was a forum topic *silly me*
It happens to everyone!
Why, back in my day, we'd just have used a magnifying glass...
tats what cause the world trade centers to go down so fast and spread. thermite wasnt in the planes but spread and hinden within the buildings. crazy how just anybody can grab ahold of this unstoppable destruction.
Much more crazy are the people who believe that thermite had anything to do with that. What color is the sky in your world?
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