Is it possible to take a low heat spread over a large area and convert it into a high heat in a small area? For example a normal fireplace can't melt cast iron, but 2 or three create enough energy. Could you concentrate that? (thats just an example, I have a much more brilliant plan) Thanks

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
It's easy: Lets say you have a long fire. If you insulate it like a pryramid and have a hole at the top all of the heat has to go at that tiny hole. Take a magnifying glass, focus the sun's rays and presto, another example.
that pyramid may have draft problems though.
CameronSS9 years ago
Nope. Entropy and energy dispersal. Energy will always flow from higher concentration to lower concentration.
Ha! Beat Kiteman to a chemistry question! Eric, I DON'T want to hear about some magic doctorate work you did at MIT just to prove me wrong.

Possibly something to do with you being awake hours after me?

Anyhoo, what you need to do is look into heat exchangers - such as the system used in Stockholm to pump the (widely dispersed) bodyheat of rail passengers into an office block.

Link to builder's website article.
how does my post up there sound, reasonable? the ones about pletiers and whatnot...
It does - we still don't know what Linux actually wants to do, though. I don't think peltier stuff will get hot enough to melt more than ice.
The idea is to use the peltier with something like say a heatsink on the 'cold' side to gather heat energy as an exchanger, make the hot side very hot... At the very least there may be some way of using these as a nice way to keep your coffee warm...
I either proved you wrong or made an ass of myself, eric will have to decide... or kiteman
i wondered if this was possible to do, so far I've had some crazy ideas involving heatsinks but I havn't even got a plausible enough idea for testing, There's probably a way to do this, involving a peltier unit or some such, what we need is basically a heat valve... The peltier idea would be using the unit to take heat in like active uptake in digestion - yeah wierd parallel but same principle, some energy is needed to fight the concentration gradient, if you have a plan involving fire you could make a concentrated spot of heat using some sort of 'energy focus-amajig' whether it's work in the slightest is a very big question...
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