Thermoelectric plates not working?

Hi, I am doing a school project and i need to power 8 LEDs with 10 thermoelectric plates, so i soldered 2 on one led and put them over a candle, the LED didn't light up and i don't know why. Is the voltage too low? If so will i be able to power 8 LEDs with ten of these in parallel? 
Thanks for any help in advance!

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Yonatan243 months ago

You need to heat one side, and keep the other cold.

Are the LED's and plates in series and parallel?

Did you measure the voltage with a multimeter?

Don't forget the polarity and max voltage for the LED's ;)

Overvoltage ain't no problem, haven't you ever heard of this?

I will never forget these types of questions...


Well, nothing beats useless questions....
And there are soo many types of useless here:
Already answered several times in other topics...
Defying the laws of physics and/or thermodynamics...
Not to mention all those that Google could answer within seconds - if one would know how to use Google correctly...
And I never have a problem getting the smoke back into my electronics - I just reverse the polarity and let the smoke suck back in, works best in a closed container of course....

Oh, you know how to do it too?

Once I burnt a transistor. Luckily I did it in an enclosed space, so when I reversed the polarity, the smoke got sucked back in, and I got two transistors out of one!


How do I patent it? No only is it genius and safe, I'm also the first on to think of it!

I don't mind a good joke here and then but why do give out wrong information intentionally?
There is no free energy, only (so far) unknown way of converting it - if you can't explain where the juice came from then for these enthusiasts it means it is "free energy".
But in this case it is far from free:
First we waste electricity to produce enough heat for our nice smoke.
Then we waste it again by forcing the smoke back in.
In return we only get an electronic part worth a few cents - unless it was a very expensive mosfet or IC it was not that free at all.
So if you want to get a patent then write something up for your recacling of old computer parts.
I mean, converting their smoke back into a nice SSD or server farm must be better than scrapping them just for the rare maetals and gold....
Did you know there are countries where this toxic recycling is done by people like you and me on the streets right next to a landfills?
They even have something like work laws.
You start as a scrap runner and can work your way up from sorting and removing insulation from cables to solder recycling.
From there you can bump up to copper and aluminium removal!
If you are still alive at this point you might want to consider upgrading to solder recycling, just ignore the fumes...
Once good enough here you can gain access to chemicals and graduate to the rare metal and gold recycling, but only after you learnt that the acids and other poisonous things are not for drinking and that the toxic waste goes in the drains instead of just tipping it in the garden.
In a place like that your free energy recycling might make you king of the landfill in less than 15 years....

I was sarcastic...

I meant that I accidentally burnt mine, and when I reversed the voltage, it turned into two transistors of the same kind...

Oh, you don't know that if you spin a motor with your hands it's free energy? (Hint: it isn't, in case I'm accidentally misleading someone :)

I guess I mixed two jokes into one which might confuse people...

No confusion here, adding more confusion in case anyone else apart from us is reading it LOL