Thin soldering iron tip! -FIND-

Hello, recently i have received an audio amp. But the problem is; i can't solder it! i have thin solder, but no soldering iron tip to do the job! Please help me find a tip Thanx!!

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Arano7 years ago
i had some time ago to solder similar small things. we had used some kind of oven to heat the whole circuitboard. the solder wasn't some kind of wire like yours, it was metalldust with some flux i think...
You can get a surface mount breakout board here is a link to a vid:|ez
CameronSS9 years ago
You could just get a cheap tip and file/grind it down. Or, you could heat up a piece of wire with a torch and use it.
Sandisk1duo (author)  CameronSS9 years ago
my hand isn't so steady
Honestly Stop drinking caffeine containing beverages for a few days most of your shakes will go away, I know to most this will sound crazy but it works, you might be grouchy but you can solder....
Sandisk1duo (author)  Big Bwana9 years ago
lol, i get 0-0.1% of the necessary caffeine in a day,
No I was serious I asked the doctor who had really steady hands what I could do and thats what he told me... (( I won't go into why he was sewing my fingers ))
Sandisk1duo (author)  Big Bwana9 years ago
i don't drink anything with caffeine juice isn't know to contain any caffeine neither are burritos
PKM9 years ago
Is that solder thin enough to use for that chip? Just the solder wire looks wide enough to bridge two pads, so when it's melted into a blob... I thought for jobs this small, you were meant to use soldering paste and either very quickly swipe it with an iron or hot air pencil, or use a reflow oven. You'd have to be the ultimate soldering ninja to do all those pads with a regular iron and not smoke the chip, surely? It might be possible to flux the traces on the board, tin them individually with solder (and remove bridges), flux the chip, put it on the board then swipe it with an iron tip but that's a pretty hacky solution.
gmoon9 years ago has some really good tutorials for surface mount soldering.

Go to the Tutorial Page, and scroll down to the section Surface Mount Soldering Tutorials.

Good luck. That one looks like a bear.
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