Thingamakit - Make a Kit Then Make Some Noise

Put together this kit and you'll be making all sorts of noises by turning knobs and playing with light! Looks like a fun kit to put together and at a cost of $55, $65 with an enclosure, it's another good entry point for soldering.

via Make blog

Picture of Thingamakit - Make a Kit Then Make Some Noise
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Goodhart9 years ago
Whoa ! and a bunch of them to talk to each other too LOL

Shagglepuff9 years ago
Hey, my name is like the name of this thing. Evilthingamabober. Thingamakit.
Dr Bleep9 years ago
I'm glad ya'll like it!
BrianKT9 years ago
That's awesome! Definitely will order this!
pyrocop19 years ago
looks like fun to make, a video or audio track would be helpful
this thing is awesome!
This is super cute. This could be something good to start on.
Doveman9 years ago
oo noises!