Things That Annoy Me

1)Walk as slow as you can in front of me
2)Stand in the middle of a hallway with your friends talking
3)Stand in the middle of a door yelling at person for being in your way
4)Asking me a stoopid question (Is a penny a solid? No it's a liquid. That's with a "U")
5)Asking me which book I am reading. (Move two inches and read the side)
6) Being a girl and telling me to cut my hair because it is long
7)Being a boy and asking why I have long hair/telling me to cut my hair because it is long(Why do you have short hair?/Stop being a genderist((I know, that's not the correct term))
8)Calling me Dominique on purpose(I understand if it's an accident)
9)"Singing" a rap song near me
10)Drumming with your pencil
11)Saying Dawg, Wassup, the N word, Tight(as slang) straight up, The B word et ectera
12)Calling me stoopid because I don't know the answer to a stupid example(Sorry, no example)
13) Talking in a fake ghetto accent(I'm dead serious, I know a kid like this)
14)Laughing at the most unfunny things(someone making an unconvincing animal sound, and you laughing like crazy)
15)Speaking in an other language right in front of me, while looking at me. (That, or I'm paranoid)
16)When a teacher is splitting the class into a boys and girls, when the teacher say girl, everyone looks at me and tells me to go with them.(In Sixth grade)
17)Suspecting me to know the answer to a question we haven't been told the answer yet.(Okay, open your books. "Dominic? Which page?")
18)People getting mad at me because I cut them off in the hallway because they're walking three miles an hour.
19)People who say all rock in people screaming in a microphone(And rap is grown adults Rhyming. "Cat hat dawg." You're a rapper!
20)People who act like they're something they're not(Can't get too specific without getting people mad)
21)School rules.(Apparently, if I tap a friends shoulder, that means I'm harassing them.)
22)The fact I have to put my hair in a pony tail when we're doing experiments in Science(Oh No! I may get a drop a dye in my hair! But who cares about my exposed skin?)
23)People who hate the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana because they're "Rock" (They're not)
24)This one girl in my Art class because I didn't know what a ribbon that looked like a puzzle meant. (She thought it was for breast cancer. I knew it wasn't. It wasn't. I'm still the idiot. To this day, she's still the "All knowing queen of the galaxy.") ((I made that up to annoy her.))
25)People who say I have no life because I'm inside more than in when it isn't Baseball season.
26)people who assume I'm goth or emo because I'm a boy with long hair, not the tannest person, spend time inside, likes Dexter( a serial killer), wears jeans all year long, isn't the nicest person, and wear black, or dark clothes(A lot of people)
27)My friend claiming all pasta is served, or should be served cold. (Yum.)
28)The fact I like three girls, don't know which one I like, and don't know if they like me.(Please don't tell me just to tell them how I feel)
29)The fact this one girl thinks all men don't talk about there feelings
30)Girls asking me if they can do me hair and make-up(No.)
31)I need permission to wear makeup on Halloween
32)8th and 9th graders who think they're better then me because I'm in 7th grade
33)People who think I'm stupid it because I went to Beginner garden
34)School dances.(I can only slow dance, only like the slow dance, and it will look weird if I slow dance with someone to a fast song) ((How manly. lol))
35) People who think I have no emotions because I don't laugh at stoopid stuff
36)Waking up at around 6:30 so I can take a shower in the morning.
37)My dad hating my long hair(Trust me, it's ironic)
38) The fact that I, emphasis on the I can't reply to comments.
39)People being overall stupid
40)Science class
41)People who use improper grammar and spelling(I don't my sentences aren't ending in periods)
42)The fact that I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots at my school, and smart people are an endangered species.(Thanks you Instructables for letting me be by some smart people)
43)Girls who say the word like way to much.
44)The fact that I don't how high my vocabulary is (we had to stop at a 21 year old due to the time.) ((I admit, I had to guess for some of them))
45)People who hate people just because you're you, or because of the way you sound on a microphone (Dead serious. That dude was B)
46)The fact our economy sucks.
47)Having to play the same three songs in band everyday. (Really, it's five, not counting the scales. Counting the scales, it's seven)
49)People who assume the worst of people, and judge a book by it's cover. (When you're not annoying me, I am very nice, even with my long hair, black shirt, and my pants in the summer)
50)People who don't know what they're talking about.
51)People who claim they're better then you because of one aspect of their life.
52)The fact I don't have enough time to read my book in school(Darkly Dreaming Dexter)
53)People who are self centered(Not a real example but...) (("My dog died today..." "Do you think I should get a bigger mirror so I can see more of my beautiful face?))
54)When the teacher purposely picks a slow reader to read. (I understand they can't read, but don't waste everyone else time
55)People blocking my view. ("Oh my god! She's pulling paper from over a cup!")
56)People playing with my hair. (I swear to god, this dude was playing with my hair. I Calmly said please stop, then when he didn't stop a second or two later, I pulled his arm away. He was smiling the whole time.)

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jthompson554 years ago
I'm sorry, but #22 made me laugh so freaking hard!!! Bahahah
blkhawk5 years ago
I find your comment extremely racist. To quote you, "the most annoying thing for me is when the darker skin people think that they are better then everyone else". Are you saying that people with lighter complexion do not think that they are better than anyone else? To affirm that you are not racist is a huge lie!
lemonie blkhawk5 years ago
Did you notice the dates on these?
Rock Soldier is getting close to being 3 years older, and JollyDeer wasn't very clear about their problem more than 2 years ago.

blkhawk lemonie5 years ago
Now that you pointed it out I realized it!
blkhawk5 years ago
It is not easy to be a teenager nowadays. It is normal to experience gloomy feelings during this time of your life. Have you talked to your school counselor about your feelings? There is a possibility that you are suffering from depression. Depression can hit anyone at any moment of their lives. People sometimes do not take depression seriously because, there are not obvious symptoms. When you have a cold you experience cough, sneeze, red eyes, red nose, and all of the symptoms of a cold but, that is not the case with depression. After I read all the things that you find annoying, I wondered if there is more to this than what seemed obvious. You are not alone many teenagers could be suffering from depression and do not know about it. Visit your family doctor.
LukeQuietus5 years ago
You'd get rid of most of you problems by just cutting your damn hair.
Warlrosity7 years ago
Woah! You sound awesome!
LoneWolf7 years ago
Wow, looks like were all treading on thin ice here :)
Rock Soldier (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
And it's cracking...
(I don't think a lot of these have to do with the instructables community)
Haha, yeah they most certainly do not :)
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