Things from your childhood

I was looking at and kept thinking "OMG I remember that!" next thing I know I was watching Hey Arnold on youtube.
So what are somenostalgic things you remember from your childhood?
I figured this would be kind of interesting because we're definitely not all the same ages :) 

My list would probably have to be:
The Sega Genesis
Hey Arnold
Sticker books
Choose your own adventure books
LEGOS! I was always jealous of my brother because of all the legos he had :P
Pop rocks
Slap bracelets
Lite Brites!
There's more I can't think of but I'm sure others can think of a lot more.

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V-Man7378 years ago
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original)
Desert Storm
Choose Your Own Adventure! Yeah!
Trick-or-Treating as a Power Ranger!
Bigev8 years ago
Internet-by the hour
riding bikes
Bill Nye
TV over an Antenna
water balloons
Basement K'nex games
The magic School bus
Y2K crazyness
The joys of an empty field
Macaroni and cheese
lemonie8 years ago
While I wasn't smoking at the time, I do remember at least one newsagent selling individual cigarettes @ 7-8p each. And Sherbet Fountains were encased in paper... Oh and ring-pulls actually came off the can, they were all over the streets.

Talk about a walk down memory lane!!!Lol

Easy Bake oven
Creepy Crawler plastic bug maker
reading, reading reading
Girl Guides
Arts and Crafts at camp
pogo stick
singing in the school choir
"The Monkeys"
Sunbanks (author)  porcupinemamma8 years ago
My brother had a creepy crawler plastic bug maker... That was another thing of his that I was jealous of. 
The Magic School Bus
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Windows Bob
Jumpstart games
Puppy press coloring books
Floppy discs

Sunbanks (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
 I loved The Magic School Bus! I was almost late for school a few times because I wanted to finish watching it :P
DJ Radio8 years ago
Sesame street
Knex (oh wait)
NachoMahma8 years ago
  • Heathkit
  • Fins on cars
  • "... giant leap for Mankind"
  • Cars without even one transistor and/or only transistors were in the radio
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
cormac30508 years ago
 Let's see...
Windows 98
Sega megadrive (AKA Genesis)
Oasis being played 24/7 (RIP)
Gameboy advance
Struggling to get my head around how a telephone worked.
And a complete and utter obsession with lego.

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