Things that make me happy

So every now and then, someone says something like "that won't work."

Now, depending on who or s/he is and what it is that "won't work" - I'll accept or try to make it work. Typically, it's the latter - exceptions for cases of heavy machinery and obvious scenarios that may involve sudden and imminent death.

So I had a bus driver tell me my bike won't fit on the bike rack... I do ride a recumbent - but it's a high racer. Recumbents have all the same bike parts - just in different locations. High racers happen to have two big wheels (26" in my case) - and they're located in the same spots as any other bike. Well, I'm posting here - so obviously it worked... And that makes me happy :)

In other news, I've been riding that 'bent for about a month - and I noticed today that my legs don't burn as much after my commute to/from school while keeping a decent pace :) <---when you convert from an upright to a 'bent, you need to retrain your muscles. This also makes me happy, but I've been purposefully training for a cycling event in a few months...

Anyone have a similar story that makes them happy?

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Goodhart9 years ago
Trebuchet, I see we share this sentiment anyways. I love it when people tell me something "won't fit", is "impossible", or "you can't do THAT": a CHALLENGE ! Ha! Watch me LOL I get no greater pleasure out of an accomplishment then if someone thought or said it could not be done, not because I proved them wrong, but because I was able to do what was genuinely thought to be impossible. I remember once when I was about 16 and only had a min wage part time job that my youngest of my two younger brothers said it would be impossible for me to get a credit card.....I had 3 in 2 months, one of which was a charge card (American Express). I loved to research things and put together ideas in a new way. Simple things also make me happy: The presence of a loved one, A fine wine, sipping wine, the sound of a rooster in the morning (I get to wake up one more time ! ).
Kiteman9 years ago
Things that make me happy -

  • A cuddle from a loved one.
  • A warm bed that you don't have to get out of right now.
  • A decent pint of ale, drunk at leisure, in good company.
  • Flying a kite as the Sun goes down.
  • The smell of granary toast.
  • The smell of a steam engine.
The worst feeling is when you have the utmost perfect position/warmth/comforatbility in your bed, but you know you have to get up. That is every weekday at 6am for me.
My first alarm goes at 06:30. Three more alarms and an elbow later, I stagger upright at around 07:00, aiming to leave by 07:30 ...
Wow, our first class starts at 7:30. What time does your school begin?
Register at 08:45, first class at 09:05, school ends at 15:20. Our terms are longer than yours, though, I think? We get six weeks off in Summer - what do you get?
our first class is 7:50, school ends at 14:40. and we get about 9 weeks off for Summer, and 3 for Christmas. how much does your school get off for then? Or, how many days out of the year are you in school?
I am in school 185 days out of the year. 1 week for holiday break, 1 week for spring break.
Two-ish weeks at Christmas & Easter, plus a week in the middle of each term ("Half Term").

I used to work in a boarding school - The school day was an hour longer, there was compulsory "prep" time (= homework sessions), and lessons on Saturday mornings, but they got three weeks at Christmas & Easter, plus the Half Terms, plus eight weeks in Summer.
school on saturday?? un-american.
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