Things to make with old school books?

I have a bunch of old school books just lying around. I really want to make something with them but every time I try to come up with some ideas my mind comes to a blank. Any ideas? I'm looking for something that will be useful to me, like an organiser or a pencil case, but I'm not sure how.

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ilpug5 months ago

See if you can find a way to make a DIY one of these cool Lumio lights

Hussam6 months ago

Well you could always donate them to some kid who needs them ! If the books are still being taught

how many pages?

Each book is probably 80 pages, and I have more than 10, so, more than 800 pages?

you could make 800 paper airplanes :)

just kidding you could paper mache anything, make a book safe, cut out your initials with a saw, pepakura would be pretty cool on it, or you could recycle it!

Yonatan246 months ago

Burn pile.

WatchTehWorldBurn (author)  Yonatan246 months ago

That's not useful to me. In fact, it'll probably damage the environment.

I don't know how it works where you live/ if you write in the books themselves or not. If not, maybe you can give them away?

Pencil case: You'd have a ton of work, gluing the pages together, making micarta. I wouldn't use wood glue, but epoxy could be quite expensive. And it would take a very long time. I'm not even sure how durable it would be.

Doesn't Google give you any ideas? :)

Downunder35m6 months ago

I found an scholl bok of mine that somehow made it into tadays times without ever reaching the bin.
Was quite interesting to see how much has changed in the way things are tought in school.
But after all that exitement the book was used to start the pot belly a few times ;)

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