Things we carry on us.

After reading an article in regards to what we carry in our pockets I was thinking if people wanted to post what they carry on their person it may be interesting. Responses can be things you carry on your person or things you carry in your pockets, in your packs/ purses, or even whats on your keychain (in the event you are a minimalist) whichever is your preference. They say you can tell alot by a person by going through there pockets so lets here it, whats in your pockets??? Unfortunatly its late here so my post will have to wait until the morning as it will be rather lengthy.

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Flintlock6 years ago
I tend to carry my wallet, blackberry, leatherman. Butane torch in the car.
wd4.0 (author)  Flintlock6 years ago
What model Leatherman?
Flintlock wd4.06 years ago
monsterlego6 years ago
Pocket knife, wallet... shotgun, various test tubes carrying extinct animal DNA, etc.
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  LED light/keychain
.  "Key"* to car, attached to above
.  BIC lighter
.  wallet
Das ist alles, Herr Kommissar

* The "key" is some kind of radio transmitter, car doesn't have an ignition key.
Anything shiny I've happened to find - I think I'm half corvid
kelseymh6 years ago
What's in my pockets? My Precious....