Things we could do without on i'bles

Ok, recently I have been seeing more and more Instructables that make me wonder about the youth of today, so in memory of my favorite comedian George Carlin (if you are under 18 or easily offended don't google him) I present People Instructables could do without: People who think piracy is a good thing to post. People who plagiarise (sp?) other peoples work and pass it up as their own. Pyramid scheme and other spammers. Companies who think that this is free advertising (remember what dremmel did?) People who make I'bles that should be a slideshow or forum topic. People who make I'bles on drugs, stealing, etc. I wont single anyone out by posting examples, and I know I'm no angel myself. Comments?

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people who say it's their first instructable, and tell everyone to be nice to him in the comments because of it. The billions of k'nex instructables. And people who think the UK is the better than the US in every, single, possible aspect.

NO more K'NEX . . . . . . please

sorry to those who like k'nex but um.... is about more than educational toys.
Hey, using first ible as an excuse is plausible......I do it all the time... Oh hey, this is my first instructable too! Be nice!
Well, I think it's a bad excuse...
It's no excuse for anything, however it does send a message out that if they've got something rather wrong that there's reason behind it, if they post this is my first 'ible then make one that makes no sense because they have trouble understanding the step by step format then they can be told this and commented through such a problem. If they turned round and were abusive in retort to constructive criticism, that would be bad.

In general a first time 'ibler might need some guiding along the way, at least by saying it they're taking the chance to say "I have not yet learned the intricacies of 'ibling however I could learn.
I said plausible. If it's a good instructable, where you see the author tried, but could use some work, its ok, the author is just nervous. If its clearly and instructable in which no effort was put, then its just a cheap excuse.
It isn't good, but think of it as something you might say to a girl/boyfriend: sympathy or "still not impressed"? L
Yeah, I agree.
Exactly: I mean, personlly, I like to have advice given on how I might have made the ible better, especially if it is my first one ;-)
okoshima (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
you mean it isnt? just kidding, and lets be honest... its all better than australlia :D (kidding guys)
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