Thinkpad ideas, please.

I seem to have acquired an elderly IBM Thinkpad.  It appears to be fully functional, but...
  • It's running Windows 98,
  • It has a single USB socket, but does not recognise any of the pendrives I plug into it.
  • It has a floppy drive that can be plugged in the side
  • It has no wifi.
  • I have never done anything constructive inside the guts of a computer.
So, basically, it's useless to the modern laptop user.  Raw materials.

Any ideas?

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Which particular model?
Kiteman (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
A tiny sticker on the back says "ThinkPad 570". I think it dates back to February 1999.

It's not a terrible system, I carried a Thinkpad 380 for school up until 2007.

Do you have a laptop (I'm thinking no, since you disappear on vacation)?

Try these generic USB drivers and if you can get it working, buy a cheap USB wifi adapter (can probably fool win98 into using win2k drivers) and use it as a vacation lapt]op.
Kiteman (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
In the house, we now have three decent laptops, a netbook, and this ThinkPad, but I was staying with in-laws who only switch on their wi-fi when they are actually using their internet, in a town with no internet cafe or public wi-fi.

I don't need to get it running as a laptop - I was wondering if I could do anything clever with it as raw materials or a controller.

The ThinkPad is bigger than an EeePC, but ...
craftyv Kiteman7 years ago
Love your use of xkcd to illuminate your point but does it answer the question or does it create more Q's?
It just sits there looking awesome - no reason to be snarky.
My comment was a reply to Kiteman who has used xkcd images before. I thought I was being witty, rhetorical and possibly even ironic. Well obviousy not. I have the xkcd "tree" as my screen saver (in full colour" and I love it.) Sorry I got distracted away from your original question because I have never seen a Think Pad and I don't know what it does. Good luck with it.
Apologies; I read your comment in entirely the wrong tone, it seems.
Don't let her scare you, just get one of these...(that was her secret identity before the witness protection program, it's just her way of spreading holiday cheer.)
Kiteman (author)  craftyv7 years ago
It raises a lot more questions, many of them containing expletives.

I'm one of those folk who are quite happy to use computers, but "lift the bonnet", and I'm at a loss.

However, since this laptop is officially landfill, I am open to suggestions.

Think of it as a more grammatically-correct version of those threads asking for the full design schematics of a project that is clearly way beyond their ability - want to build space station, full parts and price list plz!
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