This contest is gonna be Da bomb!

Think about it, almost anything can be modded to use batteries, I hope we get some great entries, even if the prize kinda sucks......

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dark sponge9 years ago
What's wrong with the prizes? Good rechargeable batteries can be kinda pricy, and nobody dislikes an Instructables t-shirt.
Bartboy (author)  dark sponge9 years ago
just the batteries, chjances are that whatever project that wins will cost more than the batteries
Yes, but you get to keep your project. You don't trade it in for the prize. And, like Osgeld said, a lot of projects are made from stuff you already have.
he's saying if you really need the batteries just buy them .
Bartboy (author)  dark sponge9 years ago
yeah I guess. But still.....
It's more about the spirit of competition than the prizes anyway, and you're going to get some pretty cool stuff with this contest. Don't like the prize? Simple solution- stop complaining, just wait for the next contest.
You also get an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
osgeld Bartboy9 years ago
unless its mine, which is 1000% made out of junk i had laying around
bumpus9 years ago
I like the prize! :D
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