This is hilarious...

Sing to the tune of sexy back.

I'm bringing pastry back.
When I transport it I like to wear a hat.
I not to sure, but it don't look wack.
Where we going to hide this to protect from attack?
take it to the fridge.
cos' this pastry.
uh huh.
will make the casing of a tasty pie
a haa.
I let you have some if you let me bake.
because I can't read this recipe.
you suck!
Look out for the walrus!

Now. Watch this.

Flumpkins8 years ago
I think weebl and bob was 10 times better with the old voice x( But this is still pretty funny!
the_mad_man8 years ago
Yay for inaudible mumbles! so funny though.

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