This is in response to pro accounts...

This suggestion would either eliminate the necessity for pro accounts or reduce the price to pay for one. It wouldnt bother some of us a bit if you put ads on the left hand corner of the page as well as the very bottom of it, below the copyright link. Also, I notice that there are no ads when you make/edit a new instructable or forum topic. You could put some there. If this isnt possible with you guys, or you just dont want to do it, I understand. I am not against pro accounts, But some others are, and I cant really afford one myself (I cant even get a stinkin job due to child labor laws).

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santy228 years ago
err. let me tell you something.... i shall not i CANNOT live in instructables without the all step function. and i can't pay for that because am 14. so, the all steps should remain free and disable another fucncion. PRO F*CKED UP INSTRUCTABLES AND IT WILL LEAD IT TO DOOM!
static santy228 years ago
 But if you are only 14 or merely  functional at  an age 14, you probably haven't yet learned  what the small stuff is not to sweat.  This is not it.
 This is actually a problem - alienating folks who normally hang out and add value to the site.

When people post/post instructables/read instructables they should have access to the whole instructable (and arguably the ability to save to pdf - it's not exactly an expensive piece of technology, and if they're using one that is they got shafted).

I was planning to write a new instructable... but I can't download pdfs or view all steps on one page anymore, so what incentive do I have? I can understand they need to make money, and everyone knows that ad revenue doesn't bring in a whole lot of content, but when you charge for previously free content - especially content that you neither create or reimburse for - then you run a risk of alienating your target audience.

OTOH, it provides a great opportunity for competition in the market, and if someone strikes while the iron (or tempers) are hot, they stand a good chance of pulling some regulars. Plus they could spend a few $$ and download all the PDFs from here that are CC-Share and Share alike and publish them on their own site.

If I had some more money and time, I'd do it.

I understand instrucables needs to monetize their site - but they picked the wrong way to do it, IMHO. There's no transparency about what they're doing or where they want to go (other than make some money) and no real feeling of community to it when most of us have felt that there's a strong community here - at least I have.

Anyhow, just my 2 centavos for now...
lemonie santy228 years ago
Well first you need to learn some patience and a little manners. Surprisingly enough you will not die from reading the steps one at a time, it just takes longer. Secondly the Internet does not owe you a free do it yourself site, we are lucky to have such a site at all and need to find ways to help it survive. My suggestion? Get a paper route, save your pennies and buy an account.
Well said!
bumpus8 years ago
I wouldn't publish this until prices are finalized.. But even still, I doubt it'll be over $10..
i payed 40 bucks for min e a few months
And I don't think it's too bad. You can still access the material without a pro-account, you do realize that, DJ?
DJ Radio (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
Yeah, but you cant access secondary images with a free account, which i think should be available to all, because then you cant follow directions.
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