This is me - where are you?

I was browsing XKCD and I found ... me!

This is so spooky - it's like the guy was looking through my blinds.

Is there a cartoon that sums you up?

Picture of This is me - where are you?
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I'm right here.

beado4ever9 years ago
This was the first Far Side i saw and even now i think, "Thats me!"
pushing works too. the school gets pissed though as the door and frame rain down in a cloud of plaster dust.
I guess that would be "thinking outside the box" LOL
Can't beat Far Side
Goodhart9 years ago
Oh My ! Where can I find this girl ? I think I am in LOVE LOL
She trapped herself inside the house, now a princess of unmeasurable beauty and intelligence guarded by a laser cannon...
At my age, beauty only counts fleetingly; but having the ability to discuss things with me I am interested in.....that is a turn on :-)
See i'm arrogant enough to hunt for both, never find both and decide having one of each is the best option... Then I get stabbed and shot by each respectively then go back to the whole searching for both until I forget learning my lesson...
In that case, you may not survive to be old enough to understand my point of view on this one :-)
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