This is trippy

I found this] today, I have seen this type of thing before, but never this long, does anyone know how they do this? Rated PG:13 for boobies

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VIRON10 years ago
The easiest way to do it, if you can program graphics, (demoscene) is to virtually paint the inside of a "slinky" (backwards maybe easier), and then the whole slinky is the image file and every horizontal line of the image is one loop of the slinky. However it appears that they did it the hard way, wasting memory with multiple pictures. It only takes one image line per zoom step to do the slinky method. The simple viewer program simply scrolls downward while converting to polar coordinates (in the painted slinky method). Translation: The image would be a bunch of concentric circles stored as horizonal lines in a bitmap or jpeg or whatever. What you see in the "tube" is determined by which circle is the outside one, then all the inner circles are made from the lines below the one for that circle. The image file (with a normal viewer) would look a lot like the outside of the painted slinky, standing up on one end, while the effect is like walking inside the painted slinky with it's ends attached together. Pop quiz: A. wow! B. huh?
TheCheese9921 (author)  VIRON10 years ago
B, I'll read it latter when I'm awake
Cameronk10 years ago
thats cool
Easy Button10 years ago
wow thats amazing how could they go that small
I know how they do it its just hard to explain, they make each image a little more HiDef than the other... so pretty much an illusion o_0
TheCheese9921 (author)  instructa-fan10 years ago
I think I understand they draw lets say picture A. then they pick a spot to put picture B. (Inside of picture A.) and draw picture B. so the border will fit in the spot they wanted it in picture A.. Then Its just a matter of making picture B. smaller, putting it in Picture A., then add more pictures and programing it to zoom in and loop at the end (picture A has to fit in picture Z) I hope I didn't confuse anybody, lol
Pretty close... Each artist take his/her turn. The first picture is drawn (in the case, number 88. The one with the billboards). The next artist is give a closeup of the center of the image to use as the new boarder. They draw their image leaving a blank area in the middle for the next artist's boarder. This is repeated until the final border is incorporated into the original image.

There was a podcast called "ten seconds to sundance" that attempted to do this in film.
HamO10 years ago
It's just animation. How do they make a Mickey Mouse get bigger as he walks toward you on the screen?
HamO HamO10 years ago
Sorry, I didn't say how awesome that link is. Very mesmerizing.