This is what happens when you're on the frontpage

Here are graphs of the stats of two of my instructables. They clearly shows that being on the frontpage or featured in the weekly newsletter really gives you a boost.

The Marble Clock (the graph with 0-5000 as the scale for pageviews) got in the frontpage as Popular in the afternoon the 14'th, you can clearly see the rate increase of pageviews.

The Spooky Led Lamp (the graph with 0-10000 as the scale for pagevews) made it to the Weekly Newsletter sent to the subscribers in the eventing the 14'th. As can be seen on the graph the numbers of pageviews increased really fast at the next few hours then went back to the normal pace again. In contrast to what happened with the Marble Clock this instructable also got a real boost in the ratings due to the newsletter.

Here's a link to the Instrugraph Instructable.

Picture of This is what happens when you're on the frontpage
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Kiteman9 years ago
There seems to be a bug - I just checked my Hearts, and it says the rating is over 1000.

(If only)
matseng (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Total Views: 553 Today Views: 244 Comments: 10 Rating: 10 Does your graph look like this? The scale (currently 0-1000) on the left site is the PageViews and the right hand scale (currently 0-10) is the Rating. So I think is correct. It seems like the plot of the Rating-line is one pixel too high since it goes on pixel above the 10-line.
Kiteman matseng9 years ago
> doh <

The scale changed between views - the Rating axis went to a higher number earlier.

matseng (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
It sounds really strange and improbable. But having written code for 30 years I know that writing bugfree code is next to impossible so it might be some one-off condition that triggers this behavior. I'll check the boundary cases in the logic of the code and see if I can find anything awry.
Brennn109 years ago
Matseng, your site is great. It is is really accurate, and gives a good idea of the progress an Instructable is making. Nice work.
matseng (author)  Brennn109 years ago
Thank you. I'm thinking about if it's feasible to get data for all new instructables automatically, but getting thousands of statistics from Instructables every 15 minutes without having a real API to get the data from might be a bit overwhelming for the parties involved. So for the time being I leave the adding-part to the authors.
Kiteman9 years ago
Wow. Is your site open to new members? .... OK, I'm registered...
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Oh, sweet - I added my Entwined Hearts to the list just as they got Featured (that reminds me - thanks, Eric!).

The graph is sky-rocketing (as long as you ignore the fact that the scale is automatic to fill the screen... )
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Oh, my soldering iron stand isn't doing so well.

Hey ho...
randofo9 years ago
I didn't go to your site yet, but is that based on the Google Charts API?
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