Pep rallies=Brain rot.

Ok, so the school forces us to go to a crappy pep rally every time they have a football game.  This one was the worst.

They started out with a tribute to Michael Jackson.  That was fine by me seeing how he is dead and I respect the memorial of dead people, but then they play his music through the WORST audio system ever made.  It turned So-So (In my opinion) music into the worst ever.  Then the school made us get up and do some of the moves for one of his songs, and I am not a dancing person, so you can imagine how pissed I was.

They had their dance team do the moves for the rest of the songs, and then they put on stupid makeup to make the dancers look like zombies.  It was just stupid because they just looked like clowns with big baggy white Tshirts.

Then they had some random stupid stuff that was supposed to be for comedic humor, and I did laugh, but only because it was so stupid. (Hint: It involves transvestites).  And then to make it worse, people start pulling out their cell phones and taking pictures like there is no tomorrow. At the VERY LEAST turn the flash and that shutter noise off.

The end result was that I had a severe case of brain rot for 6 hours and I just recovered now.

I think everyone who organizes pep rallies should be shot.  At least make pep rallies optional.  GAWD.

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yourcat8 years ago
I'm homeschooled. This may sound really stupid, but it would help me to know a little more about what they are... ?
DJ Radio (author)  yourcat8 years ago
Its where cheerleaders try to get school spirit up so that the students come and support the football players during their games.  I just never go.
Oh... yeah. Sounds like a real waste of time.
I think that everything in the world makes you mad. :P

I know someone else like that, and a few months ago he went on a half hour rant about how stupid it is that you need a book to learn how to run.

And I quote, "you're just moving your legs faster, I mean how hard is that?"
(Followed with a lot of expletives, because expletives let people know you're serious.)
DJ Radio (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Not everything makes me mad. Ibles makes me happy, Knex makes me happy, people from ibles sending me knex makes me happy. =P<br /> <br /> Your friend has some serious points. The guy who wrote how to run was either bored, or was a turtle.<br />
Ah jeez! Maybe you two should meet. :P
DJ Radio (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
We could both put up a website talking about stuff that's wrong with the world.  Like how my 6th period art class makes me hate people and stuff.
Perhaps you could channel your hatred of everything into art? You could become wildly famous someday for your creations.
DJ Radio (author)  crestind8 years ago
Writing is an art of sorts.
I was thinking more splatters on a canvas, followed by strange people dropping several million for the splatters.
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