This request generated a server error...(10-01-2017)

Just about every subject I typed into the search bar has been returned with a server error and  the option to play the instructables clumsy robot game. I have tried dozens (literally) of subjects and only about two actually went through. Octopi was one of the last searches I conducted.

fondyin16 days ago

Updated. Now the search function does not work at all.

fondyin16 days ago

I am running into the same issues with the search. I can do the same search on the app even though it is no longer supported and have no issues. Some of the searches I have attempted have been zombie,mask, glass, decoration, and simple searches like that. Not only that but it seems to be getting worse from last night since several of those worked then. This is very frustrating.

Yonatan2417 days ago

Same here.