This Table Oozes Coolness

This table concept by John Nouanesing is pretty darn cool. It's too bad it only exists as a render so far.

For more fun ideas check out John's page.

via Core77

Picture of This Table Oozes Coolness
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Flumpkins9 years ago
Cool. You should really try to make it!!!
Thornburg9 years ago
Looks cool, but I just can't picture that in anybody's house.
It sort of makes me think of something a murderer would have one in their house... That doesn't stop me from wanting a table like this though :D
This is the table you get when you cross a Magician with a Sloppy painter LOL (table floats until the paint dries ;-)
A very very sloppy painter that has lots of paint :P
or a sloppy painter LOL
or even definitely LOL
Not #1 in the class a spelling, thanks for pointing it out
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