Thought I might start something near and dear to my heart here....Health, or self modding

as I searched for something on health, and didn't find one. Of course, the normal caveats are true, since none of us are able to diagnose or treat disease, this is only to point one in a possibly correct direction.

Picture of Thought I might start something near and dear to my heart here....Health, or self modding
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maker1210 years ago
easy replace the bio brain with a pic! think:"this old neuron user aint got the speed!" "I need a pic!" Then Bill Gates will be god FOR SURE! CYBORGS YAY!!!!
maker12 maker1210 years ago
i meant a pentum 4 :-)
maker12 maker1210 years ago
if the os the bio brain used did not kill it!:-0
Goodhart (author)  maker129 years ago
Lovely, a person that dies and reboots themselves twice a day LOL
maker12 maker1210 years ago
also " you can't move your leg huh maybe a bad 4066."
maker12 maker1210 years ago
Goodhart (author)  maker1210 years ago
Do you really think these creatures have a chance at all to create something better than themselves ?

canida10 years ago
So... what are you asking for?
Goodhart (author)  canida10 years ago
Hmm, well over the years I have run across a lot of things that are generally believed but are either harmless hoaxes or downright dangerous myths. I guess I am looking to talk about things like the vitamin article by Reader's Digest, and like done elsewhere, the benefits and dangers of garlic, licorice, etc, and any reliable sources that we can gather. If my search for a health forum missed one that is already established, I will have no regrets in going there for discussion; but I was unable to locate one. Of course, the simple answer, as given in the RD article, is to eat balanced meals for maximum benefit. However that is not always viable. So, what can we do to make sure we are at our optimum as much as possible. I suppose that is my main goal.
Eat right and exercise.
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