Thought I might start something near and dear to my heart here....Health, or self modding

as I searched for something on health, and didn't find one. Of course, the normal caveats are true, since none of us are able to diagnose or treat disease, this is only to point one in a possibly correct direction.

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maker128 years ago
easy replace the bio brain with a pic! think:"this old neuron user aint got the speed!" "I need a pic!" Then Bill Gates will be god FOR SURE! CYBORGS YAY!!!!
maker12 maker128 years ago
i meant a pentum 4 :-)
maker12 maker128 years ago
if the os the bio brain used did not kill it!:-0
Goodhart (author)  maker128 years ago
Lovely, a person that dies and reboots themselves twice a day LOL
maker12 maker128 years ago
also " you can't move your leg huh maybe a bad 4066."
maker12 maker128 years ago
Goodhart (author)  maker128 years ago
Do you really think these creatures have a chance at all to create something better than themselves ?

canida8 years ago
So... what are you asking for?
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
Hmm, well over the years I have run across a lot of things that are generally believed but are either harmless hoaxes or downright dangerous myths. I guess I am looking to talk about things like the vitamin article by Reader's Digest, and like done elsewhere, the benefits and dangers of garlic, licorice, etc, and any reliable sources that we can gather. If my search for a health forum missed one that is already established, I will have no regrets in going there for discussion; but I was unable to locate one. Of course, the simple answer, as given in the RD article, is to eat balanced meals for maximum benefit. However that is not always viable. So, what can we do to make sure we are at our optimum as much as possible. I suppose that is my main goal.
Eat right and exercise.
Goodhart (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
Ok, what is "eating right" then ? 3 full meals a day ? 7 smaller meals ? How do we balance a "smaller meal" without having to eat "half an apple, 25 peas and a piece of protein (meat or whatever) the size of a silver dollar" ?
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
That's the rub--I think "eating right" varies from person to person. There are guidelines, but no strict rules. For me (for instance), I cannot do that 'low carb' thing. I have low blood sugar, I guess. If I don't have some carbs to metabolize, I don't feel well...
They finally released reports stating that low carb diets are dangerous, so perhaps it's better that you can't do them. ;)
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Most "fad diets" are dangerous to one degree or another. Anything that promises to lose weight fast, is either a hoax or very dangerous.
It's true. It's just sad that not many of them are "outed" to the public. I'm just so happy that Atkins got the boot as far as that goes. Now if only the FDA would keep better watch on the rest of the fad diets...
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
They are too busy doing.....I mean regulating drugs ;-)
you ment dooing. LOLOL
I work for the biggest of big pharma so I'm painfully familiar with the FDA. The FDA doesn't have that much tooth when it comes to food, and the people pushing fad diets usually aren't selling food or telling you to eat things that in and of themselves are unhealthy when part of something more balanced.
I realize that, but I feel it should be a primary responsibility of theirs. We should put more funding into the FDA so that they can do more research than they do. Or perhaps create another organization to oversee the distribution of health related materials. I just feel, quite frankly, that people are too stupid and lazy to look at the harmful side effects of what they're doing. I believe health books, commercials and supplements should have a large warning stamped on their packaging or included in the media if the claims in them have been shown to be false, or if they contain information that could be harzadous to your health. Then again, I am much more skeptical about these things. I'm just so sick of going into the health section in my bookstore and being bombarded with books telling me it's possible to spot reduce, possible to lose weight by thinking about food but not eating it, or telling me that detoxing or flushing your body is a good thing and very beneficial. I see a health scam everywhere.
wath would you do if you could re-make the human body?
Here's one I can tell you at the change this amino acid to that amino acid level. Set everyone up with the milano mutant version of apolipo-A1. Moving on the more vague suggestions: Better joints in general, particularly knees. The spine needs some work too. (These both imply improved self repair of the soft structural tissues.) Nerves that regenerate. Better cognitive plasticity in adults. An immune system that didn't periodically decide that some portion of your anatomy was the enemy. A more variable metabolism that behaved as if I could just run down to the grocery store if I needed more food rather than working on the assumption that I man not be able to kill another mammoth for weeks so if there's food available I'd better eat it. Increase production of HGH and other hormones into our old age.
I would use copper wire for nerves and a ~pentum~ um amd for the brain with lunix of corse.:-)
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
possible to lose weight by thinking about food but not eating it,

Or the health food section of the Pharmacy where you get the opposite: You don't have to change a thing....just pay us lots of money and take this pill.......and the weight in your wallet will decrease. *yep*
We should put more funding into the FDA so that they can do more research than they do.

Not sure I agree with this sentiment. You can't legislate independent thought and common sense.

I just feel, quite frankly, that people are too stupid and lazy to look at the harmful side effects of what they're doing. Yup. I mean, it was common sense to me that you're going to mess up your system if you deny it sugar a la the Atkins diet.
Goodhart (author)  royalestel8 years ago
Well, not sugar directly. If one uses complex carbohydrates, there is little need for the Atkins diet. A normal, balanced, diabetic's diet even contains some carbs (and is definitely better for a person than the Atkins)
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Or perhaps create another organization to oversee the distribution of health related materials. I just feel, quite frankly, that people are too stupid and lazy to look at the harmful side effects of what they're doing.

And not just the side-effects, but the harm in ignorance and some utter stupidity. It is one thing to believe one has a little extra protection from colds if they take a little more vit. C but quite another to demand others believe in it, when it has been shown not to be true (eating more citrus is not "just" increasing vit.C; one it getting ALL the benefits of the fruit).

And the old wives tales that are hazardous; like putting a baby in ice water to lower it's fever. *sigh*

Trudeau's insistence that watching the last hour (literally staring at) of the sunset, and the first hour of the sun rise will make you healthy for the rest of your life, should tell you something about his medical knowledge.

Goodhart (author)  Austringer8 years ago
Any diet that eliminates "balance" for one food or one food group over another, can be potentially dangersous; causing malnutrition or deficits of sometimes great magnitude.
Why am I not surprised? ;-) The rational for doing it always seemed too convenient...
Goodhart (author)  gmoon8 years ago
I agree, but there are those "extremes" to avoid too (unless one is diagnosed with something requiring it).

Basically, a relative diet used by mild diabetics is probably the best, as there are some carbs, but they are not like, for instance my diet (because my wife detests cooking so much) where we get a lot of pre-made, frozen carb filled "dinners".
canida Goodhart8 years ago
Those are just uniformly awful for you- it's not food. Sounds like it's time for you to take up cooking!
maker12 canida8 years ago
lets think a human is a factory.:-0 the workers are cells, quality cont. are the kidneys control center brain eletcic panel heart.etc the liver,spleen,stomach,intestines are the supply mangers. they tell the brain (the nerd in the CR.) theirs a limited supply.(a diet) the brain says make cheaper products they do but the get more complaint,s lose money and go out. (get sick).
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
Well, I do most everything else at home.....BTW: I do like to cook (but I like to make fancy meals, normally they take up to 2 hours to prepare....but that can't be done on a daily basis for sure), but I also hate to clean up pots and pans afterwards ;-) .
canida Goodhart8 years ago
Me too; I've had to learn to be more efficient with time and pan usage, and less grandiose in my schemes.
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
I just like the taste of a really well prepared meal now and then....lately it has been more "then" than "now" :-)
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
I've several close relatives with diabetes--I suspect that's always been an incentive with me for keeping my weight down. More recently, friends have type II diabetes. One lesson I've learned from them is the value of complex carbs--oatmeal, veggies, whole grain bread, etc. Although that was something I was always taught, anyways (but I eat a lot of fruit, which isn't complex, but beats refined sugars.) But most people I know minimize their conditions. One diabetic friend insists that it's OK for him to drink wine and liquor; that only beer is bad...;-) His diabetes isn't severe, so I guess he gets away with it. Lesson there about a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing....
Goodhart (author)  gmoon8 years ago
Yes I agree. That is kind of what I meant. The cookbooks for Diabetics do not eliminate carbs, but restrict them to a degree and also use the complex carbs. (including whole wheat products). It seems to be the most healthy "diet" one can be on.
I simply try to avoid eating things that are the end result of an industrial process, such as artificial sweeteners (inc. HFCS). I also run this thought through my brain before I eat out of a box or a fast food place "if I prepare food x for cost y at home, what could be the actual quality of the food x they're providing for <
Goodhart (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
I hadn't had the choice for the last 15 years really. My wife decided to stay home to "keep house" (and so far, it has not tried to escape yet !), but she has chosen what to buy since she made it . But my health coach at work is telling me that has to change or I won't be around to enjoy my 50's much.
canida Goodhart8 years ago
The simple concept: eat lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean protein- stay away from anything processed or packaged.

If you can actually do this, you'll find yourself totally full- in the "I can't eat any more because there's no room" sense. This, coupled with exercise, is a great weight-loss program and generally healthy lifestyle.

Further explanation:
lean protein = fowl (especially white meat) with fat and skin removed, game, and fish (just avoid mercury)
Anything not in these categories (starch, refined sugar, all dairy) becomes a rare treat equivalent to dessert. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to spend my treats on real desserts like pie instead of a bagel or cheese.
Starch = pasta, bread, potatoes (basically any tuber that requires cooking before you eat it), cereal, even whole grains (though they're still better than the refined stuff)
well im hijacking you and goodhart's conversation here... i like to cook, and i love vegetables (i would eat them over meat any day). however, my brother and my dad are picky eaters, so when we eat, we have to eat something that they like as well. throw that in with the fact that my mom is allergic to tomatoes and corn, and well... we are limited big time. its either make 3 different dinners and hope everyone is happy, or get a pre-made frozen dinner for each of us and that settles it. you know this was going somewhere... oh yeah. its kind of hard for someone to eat right when thier environment wont allow them to. im not just going to make myself something nice and let them eat whatever. i should probably expand on what my brother and my dad eat: beef, pork, potatoes, noodles, pizza, etc. any ideas on what i could do about it? im tired of eating crap. i would love to be able to eat healthier, and would love to have a good meal with vegetables in it some time. sorry, this kind of turned into a rant about my family's eating habits, but i think i had to tell someone since it aggravates me every night having to sit down to the same thing. something only tastes good the first 10,000 times you eat it (im looking at you hamburgers).
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
My wife thinks she is saving money by buying $ .99 frozen dinners but those are manly simple starches, and some are high in fat and salt.

The more complex the starch, the slower it is assimilated. If some fats are included with the starch, the process is slowed further.

I think we can all agree that one has to balance their meals. But in a very real sense, balance does not mean equal portions of each.

I agree that the balk of a meal should consist of fresh (raw, steamed, or cooked) veggie, (frozen if nothing else is available), but not canned or especially pre-processed "dinners".

The "Jerusalem Artichoke" (which is neither from Jerusalem nor is it an artichoke), is a tuber that is much lower in starch then regular potatoes. One can also use Turnips in place of mashed potatoes.
canida Goodhart8 years ago
There's definitely a gradient of starches- the important part is the glycemic load, or the effect a food has on your blood sugar and insulin response. Simpler starches are processed more quickly, and produce a sharper response. Living in balmy CA, we're lucky enough to be able to eat good, cheap fresh fruits and vegetables without much effort, and high-quality lean meat is more readily available. This means I can be quite strict about sticking to my dietary theories. When in Boston, it required serious planning to get good food during the winter months- most things turn out to be imported from CA. ;) During the summer we subscribed to a CSA (or farm share), which means we got a big box of veggies and fruit each week. It was fun trying to eat it all before the next box showed up! Eric is working on a comprehensive Instructable on dietary theory, with links to lots of primary literature on the subject. I'll go give him another kick.
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
Yeah, here in PA it is not much better then what you describe Boston as. We have some fresh stuff, for a limited time, but out of season, the tomatoes etc could pass for tennis balls in flavor and texture.

Eric is working on a comprehensive Instructable on dietary theory, with links to lots of primary literature on the subject. I'll go give him another kick.

Cool. I look forward to seeing it.
canida Goodhart8 years ago
You should go poking through my recipes on Instructables- lots there on good, healthy, easy food. Just ignore the desserts and "party" food- they're not intended for every-day consumption. ;)

For those tomatoes, try roasting them. That's what I did with the rock-like tomatoes during New England winters- it makes them edible, and often even good.
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
Thanks I will do that. I have a site on Epicurious.com with a lot of recipes in it, so would it be ok to add some that I like from yours to my list ? If not, I will just create another shortcut from my browser.
canida Goodhart8 years ago
Just link/note the source, and I'm happy!
Goodhart (author)  canida8 years ago
Yes, I would do that. Most likely I will only be storing them in my personal cache, but I will still make note of where / whom they are from. I just like to have a access to a lot of varied ways to cook things. I like to experiment some too:
Goodhart (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
I have access to a lot of healthy recipes, but have so little time to copy them from one forum to another. I may end up just linking...
Goodhart (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Moving on to exercise: what works, what doesn't, what is dangerous that was believed in the past ? An example of dangerous: when I was younger, all the exercise books on weight training spoke of doing squats as far down as one could go. Those that did any real training like this back in those days, now have bad knees, and many of them have lower back & neck problems.
Damned if I know, I'm fat (dumb and happy too)
Goodhart (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
I am overweight, old and need to lose (I have difficulty reaching my feet to put on socks and shoes, etc), heaven help me if I drop something on the floor....*sigh*
I've wanted to start an Instructable about health fads and the dangers of believing those "doctors" that cram faux health in our faces. Like Atkins, Kevin Trudeau, the new Alli pill, etc. Maybe this would be a good time.
go for it. ive always questioned the healthiness of those fads. i just read the date you posted this... so if its already been done or you have started on it or whatever, ignore this. im posting it anyways though.
Ha, I haven't been able to start it yet. But hopefully soon. :D
I thought that Atkins, while not healthy in any way, was actually good at what it does, making people lose weight.
Only temporarily. And at a high cost.
I agree. How many people fell for this thing?? I know at least two people in my family that tried it.
Goodhart (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
How many fall for the conspiracy "they, the doctors are keeping us sick so we have to continue to pay them to keep us sick" scenarios ? Apparently enough to make these people millions of dollars, and at the health (and financial) expense of the public.
oh they are. didnt you know they were paying off the government to keep the health care bills away? doctors arent keeping me sick. i havent been to one in about 5 years now. i do probably need that physical though. i cant afford it not having any insurance, so heres hoping i dont get sick. at least not until that health care bill comes.
Goodhart (author)  its a lion8 years ago
I was thinking more along the lines of this "felon" that continues to get people to buy his book of no-cures, and then lures them to his web site to pay more and more until you either die or go broke....*sigh*

Kevin, the convicted felon....
medicine is based off of engeerring!
Goodhart (author)  maker128 years ago
Aspirin was originally used when bark was chewed for headaches.
Hmm, there is probably some smart person answer, but; why not just eat less and exercise? That is how I would lose weight if I needed too.
It's not that simple in some cases, and especially not if you've created so many extra fat cells that you'll rebound as soon as you slip in your routine. But that is the general idea. :)
Ahhh, I knew there was some sort of obvious answer. I lost weight after I choked on some chicken, I couldn't eat for months. Then when I "learned" to eat again, I gained a bunch of weight, then I started eating less. It was easy for me, once I convince myself to loose weight and that I don't need that extra snack, it is easy to loose weight. Now I am trying to gain a little weight...... much easier than loosing weight. But, once you build up muscles, doesn't that increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Yes, if you have the time, I believe it would be......just before flu season here too ;-)
I haven't gotten that one done yet - but here's one for a project I worked on at school. It's a program that helps to get inactive people out and about. :D

Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Hmm, it would have to also be accompanied by a shock pad for a few persons I know LOL (to get them up and about, I mean )
Goodhart (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
<0 . >V<0 . >

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Looks around, but can't find it anywhere
Hahaha, that's fine. Sometimes you just have a light a fire under a person's ass to get them moving. Or shock them. Same thing. :P
Goodhart (author) 8 years ago
Here is one I like particularly:

Oily fish contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. One of these acids, called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is a major constituent of the human brain and retina and so has been linked with brain function. That link sparked the interest in the possibility of oily fish being a ‘brain food’.

Very small amounts of DHA can be made in the body from the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), but it is not nearly as much as the body needs. Eating oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon and sardines, is the best way to incorporate DHA into the diet. As part of a balanced diet people should east at least one portion of oily fish a week (one portion = 140g), but very few
people eat enough to get the levels of DHA they need. The upper limit of oily fish consumption for men, boys and women not intending to become pregnant is four portions a week.

My wife likes Salmon, but I rarely see it more than 2-3 per month. It is not cheap. But, sardines can be gotten for 50 cents a can (not normally costing more then $1.59 a can) and so I can cheaply get my 4-5 portions per week.

Some have a slight aversion to sardines however; but they can be gotten in mustard or tomato sauces; even in hot sauce (my personal favorite). :-)
Goodhart (author) 8 years ago
Well, with some low dose medication and the institution of a regular exercise program (at my age, starting with walks of about 5 - 6 blocks around), my blood pressure has dropped form 159/98 to a pretty steady 130/86.

*woot* :-)
Goodhart (author) 8 years ago
I will start: Recent article in RD on vitamins.... the myth of vitamin pills and good health...