Three of my old hobbies, which would you be more intrested to see as an instructable?

Okay, so I've been friggin bored as hell this week, the park is surrounded by security and police so I can't blow up, or go shooting or anything. (No one got killed though, it's just a bunch of noise.) So I'm planning of doing an instructable of one of my old hobbies, but I'm still deciding which would be more intresting. What would you prefer? Bonsai trees Sushi or some magic tricks?

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rocker945510 years ago
bonsai would be great if you do you must put loads of pics of your bonsais
Yerboogieman10 years ago
mod your computer ( yes, i know, its not one of the topics, lol)
its a lion10 years ago
i would like to see the one on the bonsai tree. though the magic tricks would be interesting. i vote the tree though.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. If I have to pick only one, I'd prefer magic tricks. . Can you make K'nex disappear? ALL of them? heehee
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Eh, now I hate magic tricks. I used to love it once, but now I hate it. Also , people in those damn penguinmagic fourums are @ssholes!
Lol An Illuminated Antichrist who has bonsai as hobby ? I wanna see that ! ;-) I vote Bonsai, dear I.A. ;-)
LOL Thats not my only hobby, I also collect fossils, collect coins and currency, collect swords , magic tricks , make homemade firearms , explosives, paint, take pictures , video games, and I think thats it.
Ha haaaaaaaaaa .... Interesting ... Maybe would you make an instructable about how to collect fossils ?? You know : - where do we have more chances to find them ... - how do we get them out of earth ... - how to remove all the earth around them without damaging them ... - how to identify them ... - how to conserve them better ... - etc :-) Do you think it would be possible ??? :-)
Yes, of course!
Cool ! I can't wait to read it ! =o)
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